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Gymnos, Fungus, Crypto, and Angios using D-Shots.

The D-Shot (Japanese: Dショット, D-shotto; Bootleg: D-Shoot) is a central element in both Telefang 1 and 2. It is the cellphone that a T-Fanger uses to call his or her Denjuu for battle. When the battle starts, the Denjuu will take time to arrive in relation to how far away they originate from. This time is measured in turns.

Name Etymology[edit]

Shigeki answering the D-Shot in Telefang 1.

"D-Shot" comes from the original Japanese D-shotto (Dショット), with the D presumably standing for Denki (電気), meaning electricity.


A D-Shot is the only device that can allow a human to enter an Antenna Tree. This is a great asset when one wants to leave the Human World and enter the Denjuu World. It also has the capability to connect with the cellular devices of Denjuu. One can keep track of the numbers they have obtained, and use it to help call their Denjuu friends in the middle of battle.

The protagonists in both of the Keitai Denjuu Telefang games own a D-Shot.

Other uses[edit]

The D-Shot also serves as the game's menu screen in both Telefang 1 and 2.

Telefang 1[edit]

D-Shot menu screen in Speed version.
D-Shot menu screen in Pokémon Diamond.

In Telefang 1, the features of the D-Shot are as follows:

  • Index (Japanese: ずかん, Zukan; Bootleg: Mons)
View information on the various species of Denjuu encountered and befriended.
  • Contacts (Japanese: 電話帳; Bootleg: Phone)
Call Denjuu, view their stats, or delete their number. Calling a Denjuu allows you to switch them in as your partner Denjuu, if they are not currently. At first, there can be a maximum of 70 contacts saved. Later upgrades to the D-Shot increase this number to 150 (after beating the tournament in Freesia), and finally 240 (after defeating Yarrow at the Sanaeba Research Center.)
  • Calls (Japanese: 者れき; Bootleg: Calls)
Allows you to check calls that you missed.
  • Melo-D (Japanese: Dメロ, D Mero; Bootleg: Music)
Allows customisation of ringtones. Does not work in the bootleg version.
  • Items (Japanese: アイテム, Aitemu; Bootleg: Prop)
Shows an inventory of all items held. You can also give gift items to your partner Denjuu, or use a Phone Card from this menu.
  • Texts (Japanese: メール, Mēru; Bootleg: Mail)
View messages received while the game was turned off.
  • Save (Japanese: セーブ, Sēbu; Bootleg: Save)
Saves the game. Many versions of the bootleg cannot load a saved game (even though the save is still present.)
  • Options (Japanese: オプション, Opushon; Bootleg: Option)
Change settings, such as turning the ringtone on or off (Manner Mode), turning the visible clock on or off, changing the background color of text, or turning the battle animation on or off.
  • Cancel (Japanese: もどる, Modoru; Bootleg: Return)
Closes the D-Shot menu and returns to the main game.

Additionally, by pressing SELECT on the D-shot screen, you get to dial in numbers for Secret Denjuu. This feature is missing from the bootleg as well because the game crashes after the phone is answered.

Telefang 2[edit]

D-Shot menu screen in Power 2.
D-Shot menu screen in Speed 2.

In Telefang 2, the features of the D-Shot are as follows:

T2 Telephone Book.gif Contacts (電話帳)

Call Denjuu, view their stats, delete their number, or set their personal ringtone. Calling a Denjuu allows you to switch them in as your partner Denjuu, if they are not currently.

T2 Items.gif Items (アイテム)

Access your inventory of items. The item menu is further divided into Support Items (サポートアイテム), Equipment Items (装備アイテム), Event Items (イベントアイテム), and Fusion Items (改造アイテム).

T2 D-Mode.gif D-Mode (Dモード)

Browse the Internet. You can check "What New" (game guides, information about the Denjuu World, and hints for how to proceed), see what the current Wanted Denjuu is, download new ringtones, or play a vase throwing mini-game. D-Mode cannot be accessed while inside of buildings, or in the Human World. D-Mode's name and function are a play on i-mode.

T2 Mail.gif Texts (メール)

Allows you to check messages, and calls that you missed.

T2 Options.gif Options (システム)

Change settings, including turning the ringtone on or off (Manner Mode), turning battle animation on or off, or turning the D-Shot wallpaper on or off.

T2 D-Melo.gif Melo-D (Dメロ)

Allows you to set the default ringtone for both calls and texts. The options include a set of three rings and three songs unique to the model of D-Shot in use, as well as up to three Melo-D songs which have been downloaded from D-Mode or received over link cable from another player.

T2 Picture Book.gif Index (電獣図鑑)

View evolution chains and descriptions of the various species of Denjuu encountered and befriended.

T2 Phone.gif Dial (番号入カ)

Dial phone numbers of secret Denjuu in order to befriend them. There is also an Easter Egg that can be seen by dialing Smilesoft's user support number, 0354650752, and pressing the green button to enter it.

T2 Save.gif Save (セーブ)

Saves the game. Unlike Telefang 1, there are now three save files to choose from.

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