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Dinos (Japanese: ダイナ) are robotic monsters found in a virtual world known as the Dino Net. They are divided into Types, Styles, and Elements. Dinos are generated from a gashapon-like Gacha Station (usually shortened to GachaSta.) They are able to equip a variety of Devices (weapons and armor) to give them different advantages in battle.

Dino Device 1[edit]

For the Dinos in Dino Device 1, see List of Dinos in Dino Device 1.

There are 150 Dinos in Dino Device 1, divided into 10 Types and 30 Styles. Each Style follows a naming theme of constellations which usually loosely relate to the Dino's appearance (for example, the whale-like sea monster constellation Cetus is represented by a shark.) Further Elements in each Style are named after that constellation's individual stars.

The starter in Red version is Centaurus Agena, while in Blue it is Centaurus Toliman. In addition to the version-specific starter, the player also obtains a random Dino based on their first Address Book entry.

Dinos are shown in official art to be approximately one foot tall, though this may not be consistent as some are able to be ridden by humans ingame.

Obtaining Dinos[edit]

Dinos are generated from the GachaSta by inputting Address Book entries into it. The resulting Style of Dino will be different depending on the name and birthdate of the entry, for example inputting a February birthday is likely to result in an Aquarius Dino of a random Element. The GachaSta is the easiest way to obtain most Dinos, but not every Style can be found in this way.

Random stray Dinos may sometimes be encountered throughout the course of gameplay, the Type generally depends on surrounding terrain (for example, walking near water may cause an aquatic Dino to appear.) Some of the rarer styles can be found this way.

An easier way to find rare styles, however, is by breeding two Dinos of a lesser rarity together. This can be accomplished by leaving them together in a Mega House. If two rare Dino styles are obtained and put in a Mega House, the result will be an Eridanus-Style Dino which cannot be obtained in any other way.

Each time a new Dino is obtained, the player has the opportunity to nickname it (the name is permanent and cannot be changed afterward.)

How Dinos use Devices[edit]

Devices are weapons and armor worn by Dinos, which can grant them increased attack/defense capabilities, special elemental attacks, etc. Each Device is classified as generic or exclusive, generic are fit for Styles while exclusive only fit Types.

New Devices are somewhat more difficult to come across than Dinos. The only two ways to get new Devices are to build a Factory, or to capture stray Dinos of a sufficiently high-level which may have Devices equipped. Creating Devices in a Factory consists of showing a Dino to the factory worker so that he may make a blueprint of a random Device, and supplying specific materials occasionally during the Device's build progress until it is completed.


Battles between Dinos consist of two 3-vs-3 teams. Each team is placed onto their own grid and cannot see the other team's grid, they must pick squares relatively blindly to drop onto and hope that they land on/near an enemy Dino and not into a trap. Landing successfully triggers a short turn-based battle.

Dino Device 2[edit]

For the Dinos in Dino Device 2, see List of Dinos in Dino Device 2.

There are 15 Dinos in Dino Device 2, divided into groups of five Elements. Their designs are somewhat based on their Element, for example a shrimp-like Dino is classified under Water.

The starter of Phoenix version is Erufeen, while the Dragon starter is Saaguren.

Obtaining Dinos[edit]

The GachaSta in Dino Device 2 takes Medals, rather than using the Address Book system of the first games. Medals can be bought or obtained in other ways, and their color (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) determines the rarity of the resulting Dino.

Dinos cannot be nicknamed.

How Dinos use Devices[edit]

Devices are obtained from a different type of GachaSta than Dinos, which require varying amounts of money to operate. A number of rare Devices can also be acquired from a password-based GachaSta. Rather than being worn as before, Devices completely replace the limbs and torso of a Dino when equipped.


Before each battle, a team of three Dinos is chosen and equipped. Battles are fought 1-vs-1 in real-time while the Dinos move around on a battlefield divided in half, with each defeated Dino being replaced by its next teammate.