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Glitches can be found in Telefang games, especially in the bootleg versions. For a mostly complete list of glitches in the bootleg, visit Pokémon Diamond and Jade.

In Telefang 1[edit]

Manner Mode music glitch[edit]

This is a minor glitch that prevents the music from changing from one acre to another.

Steps to perform this glitch:

  • First, one must turn "Manner Mode" on.
  • Next, the player should wait for the phone to ring. It does not matter whether the phone is answered or not.
  • After this, the music will not change at all from one acre to another. For example, the music will not change when going to Iris to Palm Sea. The only way to end this glitch is to enter a building or cave.
    • If one were to battle, view the map, or go to the menu, the music will update to the location that the player is in after exiting one of these screens. For example, if one did this glitch in Iris, went to Palm Sea and battled, the music will be Palm Sea's music after the battle, which is what it should be. However, this glitch will still persist (for example, going back to Iris will not change it).

Personality glitches[edit]

Glitches that involve the Denjuu's personality.

Force a Denjuu to misbehave[edit]

This glitch forces Denjuu with specific personalities to misbehave.

  • One should get a Denjuu with either a short-tempered personality (おこりんぼ), a very short-tempered personality (ちょーおこりんぼ) (both of which cause the Denjuu to sometimes use the first move automatically), a selfish personality (わがまま), or a very selfish personality (ちょーわがまま) (both of which cause the Denjuu to sometimes not attack at all).
  • The player should select "Fight."
  • Next, the player should press B to return to the Fight/Flee screen. Each time this is done, there is a chance that the Denjuu will attack on its own (if it has a short-tempered/very short-tempered personality) or not attack at all (if it has a selfish/very selfish personality).
  • If this doesn't happen, then the player should repeat the above two steps until it does.

This occurs because every time the Fight/Flee screen is shown, there is a random chance that these four personalities will cause the Denjuu to use whatever move it wants/not attack at all.

Personality probability bug[edit]

Due to a glitch, a Denjuu is more likely to have a Relaxed (のんびり) personality than any other personality. There is a 14% chance of having a Carefree personality and an 8% chance of having any other personality. This is because the game uses a random 8-bit number (0-255) for generating random events. However, the problem here is that if the random number comes up between 240 to 255, the Denjuu will have the "default" Carefree personality, because the programmers only considered the outcomes from 0 to 240 (0-19 represents the first personality, Carefree, 20-39 represents the second personality, Relaxed, and so on).

Raise FD past 100[edit]

If a Denjuu calls the player and asks a question, and the player answers it correctly, this will cause the Denjuu's FD to increase. However, it increases even if this would cause it to exceed 100. The FD cannot exceed 100 in any other circumstance, and this causes glitches depending on the personality.

Frequently misbehaving Denjuu[edit]

If a Denjuu with an FD greater than 100 (due to the above glitch) has any of the following personalities: Relaxed (のんびり), Carefree (ちょーのんびり), Careless (あわてもの), Oblivious (ちょーあわてもの), Timid (おくびょう), Cowardly (ちょーおくびよう), Tense (おこりんぼ), Irritable (ちょーおこりんぼ), Selfish (わがまま), or Stubborn (ちょーわがまま), it can misbehave very frequently, depending on its personality -- even more than it would if its FD were 0. Denjuu with personalities Faithful (りちぎ) and Loyal (ちょーりちぎ) are unaffected by the glitch.

If it has the personalities Relaxed (のんびり), Carefree (ちょーのんびり), Careless (あわてもの), Oblivious (ちょーあわてもの), it has a very high chance that it will arrive late with this glitch. Denjuu with the personalities Timid (おくびょう) or Cowardly (ちょーおくびよう) will instead have a very high rate of running away. If a Denjuu has the personalities Tense (おこりんぼ) or Irritable (ちょーおこりんぼ), it will almost always use the first move. In all of these cases, normally the probability of behaving well is: (FD*2+55)/256. However, due to integer overflow, the formula becomes (FD*2-201)/256 when 100 < FD <= 228, and (FD*2-457)/256 when FD > 228. Therefore, if a Denjuu's FD is greater than, but very close to, 100, then it will have less than 1% chance of behaving.

If it has the personalities Selfish (わがまま) or Stubborn (ちょーわがまま), then it will have a very low chance of attacking (a special case occurs at FD = 101, where the chances are 0%). Normally, the probability of behaving is (FD+155)/256. However, integer overflow causes this formula to change to (FD-101/256) when FD > 100, making the probability very low at values just above 101.