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Telefang 1 icon.gif Denjuu
T1-022-IS.gif Gymnos
ヂムノス / Jimunosu
No. 022 Bootleg: Jimunosi
Stage Cultivated Denjuu
Type Mountain.gif Mountain
Exp. Item T1-I-05-I.gif Missile
Version Speed icon.gif
Gymnos is also found in Telefang 2

Gymnos is a Mountain.gif Mountain-type Denjuu. Its design was said to have been based on a bison.

Name etymology[edit]

Gymnosperm is the scientific term for coniferous plants.


Denjuu Book Description
Telefang 1 おおきなこぶしから くりだすパンチはデンジュウカイいち!
Diamond/Jade Attack by heavy boxing, the first
English Translation The punch it launches with its giant fists is number one in the Denjuu World.
Arrived Phrase
Power/Speed オレにまかせな!
Diamond/Jade Long wait
English Translation Leave it to me!
Attack Phrase
Power/Speed くらいやがれ!
Diamond/Jade Eat up you!
English Translation Take this!!
Favored Item Call
Power/Speed よう シゲキ ジムノスってデンジュウは しってるか?? けっこうゴツいヤツなんだけど 『ミサイル』を ほしがってる らしいよ 『ミサイル』つかんで なげれそうなぐらい ごつい ヤツなんだけどなー
Diamond/Jade Hey Bek, Do you know an electric monster named as JIMUNOSI? Although he is a very stubborn guy, he seems to want 『Missile』, He is the guy who can be captured by means of 『Missile』.
English Translation


Speed Version
After you've fought Golaking for the first time, Kai and Gymnos appear outside of the Cactos Ruins maze where Gymnos will give you its phone number. It cannot be nicknamed unless traded, and is always obtained at level 60, with a T1-p11.gif Faithful personality.


Moves of Gymnos
From start Strike
From start Protect
Lv. 9 Horn

Base Stats[edit]

Stat Base Stats Growth per 2 levels Max
Denjuu Most Denjuu Most Denjuu Most
Hit Points 39
46 2
4 137
Speed 10
20 1
2 59
Attack 17
22 2
3 115
Defense 8
20 2
3 106
Denma Attack 4
22 1
3 53
Denma Defense 5
20 1
3 54
Total 83
137 9
16 524
See Telefang 1 Denjuu by: base stats | stat growth | max stats

Exp. Items[edit]

T1-I-05-I.gif Missile, T1-I-18-I.gif Phone, T1-I-22-I.gif Chainsaw, T1-I-27-I.gif Winder, T1-I-31-I.gif Crane, T1-I-35-I.gif Mobile PC, T1-I-44-I.gif Faucet, T1-I-49-I.gif Game Machine, T1-I-50-I.gif Plush Toy, T1-I-51-I.gif BomBom



Gymnos has an inconsistent number of fingers in official art. Its sprites and default artwork in both Telefang 1 and 2 feature four fingers per hand, as does the Gymnos Battle Denjuu figure, while the art for the cover for Telefang Speed Version and the manga feature five fingers. Other artwork of Gymnos, for example promotional art in Comic Bom Bom and in the players guide, is similarly inconsistent.

Some promotional artwork for Telefang 1 also featured Gymnos as having a short, furry, orange tail, similar to the fur on its belly. Its Battle Denjuu figure and Telefang 2 backsprites show its tail as being smooth and blue.