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HP, standing for Health Points defines how many damage a Denjuu, Dino or a Bug can take before being defeated.

In Telefang 1, Teletel has the highest base HP, with 46 HP at Level 1. Tsunonasu, Kochia, Keshi, Liriope, Waratah, Pampas, Rhodanthe, Viburnum, Uikyou, Raygirth, Waitah, Cliogera, Warutah, Lampgera, and Tempest are all tied for the lowest base HP, with 30 HP at Level 1. Papaver and Doomsday have the highest max HP, with 241 HP at Level 99. Liriope, Waratah, Waitah, and Warutah all have the lowest max HP, with 79 HP at Level 99.