Invigorate (move)

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Available in Telefang 1  Move
Bootleg: Diverge
Cryptoknight using Invigorate in Telefang 1
Found in Available in Telefang 1

Invigorate is a move found in Telefang 1 that increases the user's Attack stat.


The following Denjuu know this move naturally
Telefang 1
No. Name Bootleg name Stage Type
005 T1-005-I.gif Crypto Kuribute

Natural Denjuu Forest.gif Forest

027 T1-027-I.gif Noriutsugi Noriwuts

Cultivated Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

032 T1-032-I.gif Funnel Phanel

Cultivated Denjuu Grassland.gif Grassland

060 T1-060-I.gif Cryptoride Kuripute

Big Denjuu Forest.gif Forest

070 T1-070-I.gif Octor Aokuteru

Big Denjuu Aquatic.gif Aquatic

075 T1-075-I.gif Armcrab Armkurab

Big Denjuu Aquatic.gif Aquatic

082 T1-082-I.gif Gadhoro Jiadhelo

Burst Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

087 T1-087-I.gif Raigaleon Raigarin

Burst Denjuu Grassland.gif Grassland

088 T1-088-I.gif Gadorkuma Gadoruk

Burst Denjuu Forest.gif Forest

097 T1-097-I.gif Badhoro Badhelo

Explosion Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

100 T1-100-I.gif Zudoon Stone

Explosion Denjuu Grassland.gif Grassland

106 T1-106-I.gif Gaultheria Goteria

Explosion Denjuu Forest.gif Forest

110 T1-110-I.gif Angieon Andion

Explosion Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

118 T1-118-I.gif Octorifle Octobre

Super Machine Denjuu Aquatic.gif Aquatic

123 T1-123-I.gif Cryptoburn Kuribute

Super Denjuu Forest.gif Forest

128 T1-128-I.gif Octagun Okutagan

Super Denjuu Aquatic.gif Aquatic

136 T1-136-I.gif Angilance Andirans

Demon Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

142 T1-142-I.gif Punkhoro Bangupal

Demon Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

151 T1-151-I.gif Angipower Angipao

Dark Space Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

158 T1-158-I.gif Cryptoknight Kuriput

True Denjuu Forest.gif Forest

161 T1-161-I.gif Angigorgo Angigogo

God Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

170 T1-170-I.gif Angioros Angiros

Devil Denjuu Sky.gif Sky

The following Denjuu learn this move at a certain level
Telefang 1
No. Name Bootleg name Stage Type Level
020 T1-020-I.gif Bubaria Bubaria

Natural Denjuu Aquatic.gif Aquatic L11