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Items are a common feature in monster-raising games. They perform an assortment of functions such as restoring health, triggering evolution, altering stats, or giving experience. Below is some in-depth information on the common items in each game.

Items in Telefang 1[edit]

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Items in Telefang 1 have three main functions - evolution, gifts, and events. When taken to a shop that allows Fusion evolution, items can be fused with a Denjuu to gain free experience points, with a bigger experience boost if that item is the Denjuu's favorite. Fusing certain items to specific Denjuu can also result in evolution.

Gifts are given to Denjuu by selecting an item from the D-Shot menu, at which point it is offered to the partner Denjuu. Gifts raise FD by varying amounts, depending on the monetary value of the item offered. Using a T1-I-29-I.gif Phone Card as a gift will extract DNA items from certain Denjuu, which can then be used in shops that allow Lab evolution.

Event items are important to progression through the game's story and cannot be used in fusion or accepted as gifts. These include items such as T1-I-48-I.gif Key and T1-I-50-I.gif Plush Toy.

Items in Telefang 2[edit]

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Items in Dino Device 1[edit]

Main article: Items in Dino Device 1

There are several different classes of items in Dino Device. The most important group is Devices. Devices are weapons and armor that can be equipped to a Dino to alter its stats and gain new attacks. Other items include Food for feeding hungry Dinos, Medicine for healing their injuries, and Device components which are used in the creation of Devices.

Items in Dino Device 2[edit]

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Items in Bugsite[edit]

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Items in Bugsite are divided into Chips, Vaccines and Tools. Chips are equipped to Bugs to raise their stats and allow them to fight. Vaccines can be used to capture new Bugs to battle with. Tools can be used both in and out of battle for a variety of effects, such as healing Bugs or weakening opponents.