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Telefang 1 icon.gif Denjuu
T1-004-IS.gif Keshi
ケシ / Keshi
No. 004 Bootleg: Kesi
Stage Natural Denjuu
Type Grassland.gif Grassland
Exp. Item T1-I-15-I.gif Microwave
Version Power icon.gif

Keshi (IPA: /keɕi̥/) is a Grassland.gif Grassland-type Denjuu. It evolves into Chameraid at level 24.

Name etymology[edit]

Keshi is the Japanese name for the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum.


Denjuu Book Description
Telefang 1 からだの いろを かえて すがたを かくすことができする
Diamond/Jade When color alter body is hidden.
English Translation It can hide itself by changing its color.
Arrived Phrase
Power/Speed ...ついた
Diamond/Jade Arrived
English Translation ...Made it.
Attack Phrase
Power/Speed ぐにょーん
Diamond/Jade Miao
English Translation Boingg
Favored Item Call
Power/Speed ケシってさー 『レンジ』をくっつけると なんだか つよくなるんだよね よわっちいカンジがするんだけどそんなこと いったら おこられるかな?
Diamond/Jade Bub! If the Range is added for KESI, he will become stronger even though he looks a little bit weak, but if in this way, would he be angry?
English Translation You know, if you somehow fuse a microwave to a Keshi, it'll get stronger, right? It seems weak though. Would it get mad if it heard that?



Power Version

Recruit from T-Fangers[edit]

Power Version


Moves of Keshi
From start Bite
From start Smokescreen
Lv. 13 Camouflage

Base Stats[edit]

Stat Base Stats Growth per 2 levels Max
Denjuu Most Denjuu Most Denjuu Most
Hit Points 30
46 2
4 128
Speed 14
20 1
2 63
Attack 8
22 2
3 106
Defense 8
20 2
3 106
Denma Attack 6
22 2
3 104
Denma Defense 5
20 2
3 103
Total 71
137 11
16 610
See Telefang 1 Denjuu by: base stats | stat growth | max stats

Exp. Items[edit]

T1-I-15-I.gif Microwave, T1-I-18-I.gif Phone, T1-I-25-I.gif Screwdriver, T1-I-28-I.gif Gear, T1-I-29-I.gif Phone Card, T1-I-34-I.gif Computer, T1-I-49-I.gif Game Machine, T1-I-50-I.gif Plush Toy, T1-I-51-I.gif BomBom