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Moves are the actions a Denjuu/Dino/Bug can do in a turn. The system for moves vary according to game.


Most of the Denjuu have three moves doing damage and one that ups a stat. Also, every fully-evolved Denjuu (with the exception of Nigella) has a Denma attack, which is very powerful but requires many turns to charge up.

In Telefang 2, each move has its own type. The type is used to calculate the effectiveness on the defending Denjuu's habitat type. Every Denjuu, including unevolved ones, can now learn Denma attacks. Denma attacks no longer take time to charge, instead they are used by depleting the DP meter.

Dino Device[edit]

Each Dino has one to three default moves, depending on how many Weapon Devices it can equip (less Device slots means more default moves.) Default moves available depend on the Dino's Style. Equipping a Weapon Device to a Dino will give it the option to use it as an attack.

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