Myces Lake

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Myces Lake
どくのみずうみ ミケスDoku no Mizuumi Mikesu

Bootleg: Mikeyes Lake
Myces Lake.png
Map of Myces Lake. Click to enlarge.
Version found in Available in Telefang 1
To Antenna Tree To
Cactos Ruins Myces Lake None
Other connections
Bryon Ruins

Poison Lake Myces (Japanese: どくのみずうみ ミケス, Doku no Mizuumi Mikesu; Bootleg: Mikeyes Lake) is a small area connecting Cactos Ruins (via Antenna Tree) to Bryon Ruins. It is here where Shigeki confronts Sanaeba.

Name etymology[edit]

From the Greek word μύκης (mýkis), meaning fungus.

Storyline of events[edit]

After defeating Sanaeba Doomsday shows up and is ready to go it alone as ruler of the Denjuu world.

Appearances of Denjuu[edit]


Group 1

Power version
135 T1-135-I.gif Kiringiku Sky.gif Rarity: 40% Lvs. 52-54
127 T1-127-I.gif Machurus Grassland.gif Rarity: 30%
134 T1-134-I.gif Tulbaghia Grassland.gif Rarity: 20%
129 T1-129-I.gif Mummyboar Grassland.gif Rarity: 10%
Speed version
150 T1-150-I.gif Gonum Aquatic.gif Rarity: 40% Lvs. 52-54
148 T1-148-I.gif Maoran Aquatic.gif Rarity: 30%
160 T1-160-I.gif Bashou Mountain.gif Rarity: 20%
168 T1-168-I.gif Gentiana Sky.gif Rarity: 10%

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