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Telefang 1 icon.gif Denjuu
T1-049-IS.gif Netaro
ネタロ / Netaro
No. 049 Bootleg: Netaro
Stage Techno Denjuu
Type Mountain.gif Mountain
Exp. Item T1-I-08-I.gif Sabre
Version Power icon.gif Speed icon.gif

Netaro is an Mountain.gif Mountain-type Denjuu, and plays a role in the story of Telefang 1. Netaro is often found dozing off.

Name etymology[edit]

Tarou, meaning first son, is a common part of Japanese names. Netarou happens to be an existing name, with the Ne written as the kanji for sleep or rest: 寐. This is appropriate for our Netaro, since sleeping is one of his defining features. Nejiro is this Denjuu's younger brother, with Jirou, likewise, meaning second son.


Denjuu Book Description
Telefang 1 フサフサの けのなかには ミサイルを かくしもっている
Diamond/Jade Take the missile in hair.
English Translation It keeps missiles hidden beneath its scruffy fur.
Arrived Phrase
Power/Speed ...ついた
Diamond/Jade Arrived
English Translation ...Made it.
Attack Phrase
Power/Speed ねむいなー
Diamond/Jade No sleep!
English Translation So sleepy...
Favored Item Call
Power/Speed ネタロってさー 『サーベル』がいいんだぜー のんびリしてて なにも かんがえてなさそうだけど そういうモノって あるんだなー
Diamond/Jade For NETARO, 『Saber』 is better leisureliness and nothing to consider, Even has such a guy.
English Translation


Netaro is found in a locked room in the Toronko Village Spring. After he is rescued from Nerikara, he will give the player his phone number. He cannot be nicknamed unless traded, and is always obtained at level 10, with a T1-p02.gif Carefree personality.


Moves of Netaro
From start Horn
From start Ultrasonic
From start EM Wave
From start Drill Missile

Base Stats[edit]

Stat Base Stats Growth per 2 levels Max
Denjuu Most Denjuu Most Denjuu Most
Hit Points 45
46 3
4 192
Speed 12
20 1
2 61
Attack 10
22 1
3 59
Defense 9
20 2
3 107
Denma Attack 10
22 2
3 108
Denma Defense 10
20 2
3 108
Total 96
137 11
16 635
See Telefang 1 Denjuu by: base stats | stat growth | max stats

Exp. Items[edit]

T1-I-08-I.gif Sabre, T1-I-18-I.gif Phone, T1-I-20-I.gif Spanner, T1-I-22-I.gif Chainsaw, T1-I-29-I.gif Phone Card, T1-I-49-I.gif Game Machine, T1-I-50-I.gif Plush Toy, T1-I-51-I.gif BomBom, T1-I-53-I.gif Titallium, T1-I-56-I.gif Round Metal, T1-I-57-I.gif Titanuum


In the manga[edit]

Netaro wakes up

In chapter 1, Musa assigns Shigeki and Punica to go wake Netaro up. Netaro doesn't awaken until after Nejiro attacks Shigeki and Crypto arrives to help defeat him.

Netaro and Nejiro appear again in chapter 9, protecting Shigeki and Crypto from one of Hiyu's War Cannon attacks.

Their last appearance is in chapter 14, where they come along with the other Denjuu Shigeki has befriended throughout the course of the story, in order to help fight a horde of Kiyoruka.