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Network Adventure Bugsite
Nettowaaku Boukenki Bagusaito
Bugsite logo.pngBugsite Alpha version.png

Bugsite Beta version.jpg
Series Network Boukenki Bugsite
Versions Alpha and Beta
Developer(s) KAZe
Publisher(s) Smilesoft
Release date November 2, 2001
Genre Console role-playing game
Platform Game Boy Color

Network Adventure Bugsite (Japanese: ネットワーク冒険記バグサイト, Nettowaaku Boukenki Bagusaito) is a video game for Game Boy Color, developed by KAZe and published by Smilesoft in Japan. It is available in two versions, Alpha and Beta. The game included a peripheral called the Bug Sensor, which is functionally identical to the Power Antenna that was bundled with Telefang games. It was planned that only Limited-edition copies of the game would include the Bug Sensor, but non-Limited copies were never produced.


Sometime in the near future, a virtual world called Bugsite has been created, which is accessible over the internet using special VR equipment. Bugsite's creation was a collaboration between four companies - FE, Sting, Ruger, and Tahiro - who each control a section of their own. These companies (plus an additional company, Jank) have populated Bugsite with Bugs, virtual lifeforms which can be utilized by people for a variety of tasks or treated as virtual pets. Those who handle Bugs in this way are known as Hackers.

The protagonist, Daichi, is a student from Nanohana town. Daichi's father works for The Guardian, something like a police force for Bugsite. One night, Daichi has a strange dream about a Bug calling to him for help. After he wakes up that morning, he discovers that his father has decided that it's time to introduce him to Bugsite and has provided him with the necessary equipment.

When Daichi dives into the virtual world, he finds the Bug that was calling to him in his dream - a newly-discovered Bug known as Spiral, who has become trapped in a Bug shop. Spiral is freed with Daichi's help, and Daichi's father makes him a member of The Guardian. Daichi's father also informs him that a group called Weldehide have released a virus into Bugsite which is causing Bugs to become aggressive, and asks for Daichi's help as a Hacker.


The player controls Daichi, navigating between the real world and Bugsite. The first Bug received in both versions is Spiral, but his evolution differs between the two.

Entering areas in Bugsite requires finding an Access Point or computer, and "diving" in. Some Access Points are locked and don't allow diving, but can still be used to deposit or withdraw Bugs from storage on the Bug Server, use the browser to check The Guardian's website, save the game, or discard unwanted Bugs. Interacting with an Access Point will also fully heal your party.

Items are sorted in the players inventory into three pages of miscellaneous, chips, and passwords. Miscellaneous items mainly consist of various healing items, and vaccines. Vaccines are necessary to capture viral Bugs in battle. Chips are bought at CPU shops, and a Bug must be equipped with a chip before it can be used in battle. They give different boosts in stats, depending on size and maker. Passwords are gained throughout the course of the game and are necessary to open certain doors in Bugsite.

Bugs are classified by maker (FE, Sting, Ruger, Tahiro, and Jank), which partially determines their weaknesses / resistances to attacks from other makers. When a Bug gains enough experience, its Version level can increase, allowing it to potentially learn new moves or evolve. A Bug's evolution can be cancelled if the player wishes, and it won't try to evolve again after further Versions.

Moves are classified both by maker and damage type (Blade, Strike, Special, Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric, and Ground). Each Bug has its own list of weaknesses and resistances to different damage types, which can be checked in its stats. Bugs have the potential to learn a variety of moves by different makers, though only four at a time can be retained. Each time a move is used, its Version increases. When certain moves reach Ver 99, they may change into more powerful moves and their Version is reset to 0.

Battles can be initiated by encountering other Hackers or viral Bugs, and are 3v3 turn-based fights. Each Bug has a wait timer between moves, the rate at which the timer increases depends on the Bug's speed. After a number of Bug turns, the player gets a turn and can attempt to use an item to capture a viral Bug or heal their active party members, switch an active Bug out for a reserve party member, or flee battle. Items cannot be used in battles with other Hackers or bosses.


  • Daichi (Japanese: だいち)
  • Spiral (Japanese: スパイラル)

Alpha and Beta version differences[edit]

  • Spiral will evolve differently depending on version. In Alpha he can evolve into SpiralT-α, and further into SpiralT-α+. In Beta, he can evolve into SpiralT-β, and then into SpiralT-β+.
  • Distribution of viral Bugs is different, certain ones may only be found in one version or the other.


Main article: Bugsite manga

A manga based on the series was serialized in Comic Bom Bom from May 2001 to February 2002. Unlike the manga based on Telefang 1, it was only published in Comic Bom Bom and never re-released as volumes.

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