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T1-001-I.gif T1-002-I.gif T1-003-I.gif T1-004-I.gif T1-005-I.gif
Telefang 1 icon.gif Denjuu
T1-003-IS.gif Oshe
オーシェ / Ooshe
No. 003 Bootleg: Osie
Stage Natural Denjuu
Type Mountain.gif Mountain
Exp. Item T1-I-31-I.gif Crane
Version Power icon.gif Speed icon.gif
Oshe is also found in Telefang 2

Oshe (IPA: /oːɕe/) is a Mountain.gif Mountain-type Denjuu, found in Telefang 1. It evolves to Armaru at Level 15.

Name etymology[edit]

Uncertain. Oshe is possibly a misspelling of Aussie (オージー), referencing a cultivar of Philodendron selloum known in Japan as "Kookaburra Aussie".

A pre-release advertisement in Comic Bom Bom showed its name to be "Arieebu" (アリエーブ).


Denjuu Book Description
Telefang 1 からだをまるめて てきからの ダメージを かるくする
Diamond/Jade Curl up to relieve hurt.
English Translation It curls up its body to reduce the damage it takes from enemies.
Arrived Phrase
Power/Speed ついたよー
Diamond/Jade Arrived
English Translation I'm here!
Attack Phrase
Power/Speed いくぞっ!
Diamond/Jade Go!
English Translation Let's go!
Favored Item Call
Power/Speed ねぇねぇ これきいたことある? オーシェっていうデンジュウに 『クレーン』をくっつけて あげるとつよくなるんだってー
Diamond/Jade Hello, Hello, Have you heard of this? It is said that if an electric monster named as OSIE is added with 『Crane』, he will become stronger!
English Translation Hey, hey, have you heard? There's a Denjuu called Oshe that gets stronger when you fuse it with a Crane.


Toronko Village, Lvs. 2-4, 4-6
Toronko Village Spring, Lvs. 6-8
Kurinon Village, Lvs. 8-10
Northeast Cavern, Lvs. 9-11
Ixos Forest, Lvs. 2-4


Moves of Oshe
From start Rush
From start Protect
Lv. 9 Glare

Base Stats[edit]

Stat Base Stats Growth per 2 levels Max
Denjuu Most Denjuu Most Denjuu Most
Hit Points 32
46 2
4 130
Speed 8
20 1
2 57
Attack 8
22 2
3 106
Defense 11
20 2
3 109
Denma Attack 4
22 1
3 53
Denma Defense 4
20 1
3 53
Total 67
137 9
16 508
See Telefang 1 Denjuu by: base stats | stat growth | max stats

Oshe has the lowest maximum stat total in the game, at 508.

Exp. Items[edit]

T1-I-11-I.gif Prop Engine, T1-I-18-I.gif Phone, T1-I-22-I.gif Chainsaw, T1-I-29-I.gif Phone Card, T1-I-31-I.gif Crane, T1-I-34-I.gif Computer, T1-I-48-I.gif Key, T1-I-49-I.gif Game Machine, T1-I-50-I.gif Plush Toy, T1-I-51-I.gif BomBom, T1-I-43-I.gif Gas Tank