Plush Toy (item)

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Available in Telefang 1 Item
T1-I-50-I.gif Plush Toy
Bootleg: Toy

Plush Toy is an item in Telefang 1. Unlike most other items in the game, it cannot be given to a Denjuu to earn experience, because the item does not appear on the screen for fusion evolution in normal conditions. It resembles Punica.

Denjuu that gain experience using this item[edit]

The Plush Toy never appears on the fusion evolution screen, so under normal conditions, no Denjuu is able to use it as an experience item. However, if hacked to appear on this screen, all Denjuu gain experience using the Plush Toy.

In the manga[edit]

Two Vanda discuss a Plush Toy

The Plush Toy makes a cameo in chapter 2 of the Telefang 1 manga, being held by a Vanda who is also wearing a shirt with a Punica logo on it.