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Pokémon Diamond and Jade (Chinese) (Chinese title: 口袋怪兽钻石版/口袋怪兽翡翠版) are bootlegged versions of Telefang 1, fully translated to Chinese. It is not yet known if there is any difference between the Diamond and Jade versions, because both seem to be based from the Power version.


Pokémon Diamond boxart
Pokémon Jade boxart

Title Screen[edit]

Pokémon Jade title screen. The game is actually based from Power.
Pokémon Diamond title screen.
The Pokémon Diamond title screen is identical to the English Pokémon Diamond except for the Chinese characters placed above and below the image of the blue snake monster and 3 diamonds. Unlike the English Jade bootleg which features the forest spirit Shishigami from Princess Mononoke, the Chinese Jade title screen instead features an edited (possibly inverted) sprite of Pikachu, from Pokémon Pinball.[1] Pikachu's sprite has been poorly edited in, as pixelated remnants of the original Pokémon Pinball title screen can be seen on the image. The colour of the background also matches the greenish colour of the 'Gotta Catch 'em All!' subtitle underneath the Pokémon Pinball logo, suggesting it may have been used for the background colour. The Chinese title text appears to have been placed over the poorly edited sprite and there is also blue pixelation around the letters. It is possible the title characters may have been taken from another game and used to create the title. The same blue around the title text is also present on Pikachu's cheek, showing the poor editing of the title screen. In both versions, the red 'push start' button from the original Telefang 1's title screen remains, but has been moved from the center of the screen to the bottom. This was also done in the English Pokémon Diamond and Jade bootleg as well, suggesting the English and Chinese versions are related.


Pokémon Diamond cartridge
Pokémon Jade cartridge

Like the English Pokemon Diamond and Jade bootlegs, the style and design of the cartridges varies. The most common style of cartridge for the Chinese Pokemon Diamond and Jade versions is a translucent blue colour that says 'GAME' on the cart. The labels are directly copied from the boxart.


The Denjuu names and phrases are broken, and some menus are untranslated. Hidden in the ROM is also the same font as used in the English Telefang 1 bootlegs, suggesting, with more evidence, such as similar translation mistakes, that Pokémon Diamond and Jade is based on this one.

Bugs and Glitches[edit]

Unlike the English bootlegs, the Chinese bootlegs can load a saved game, which means that it was possible that the English bootleg was hacked from the original Japanese game as opposed to from the Chinese game. However, it should be noted that there have been some English Pokémon Diamond and Jade reported to load games with no problems.


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