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For the Speed version of the Telefang series, see Speed version.

Speed is a stat.

Higher speed allows user to take more actions per turn - eg a higher speed Denjuu can perform a stat increasing move, then attack with a disabling move followed by an attack all in 1 turn while the opponent is helpless.

Lower Speed helps moves like Flight (move) where the user can stay flying longer.

However a Denjuu with excessive Speed due to cheating will miss attacks quite often so dont hack this stat too high!

In Telefang 1, Teletel has the highest base Speed, with 20 at Level 1. Vanda has the lowest with 6 at Level 1. Zea, Dipsacus, Cortos, Saiope, Suguline, Lirimonarch, and Fungwar are tied for having the highest max Speed, at 117, and Vanda has the lowest max Speed, at 55.

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