Super Machine Denjuu

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Super Machine Denjuu (Bootleg: MacMon) is an evolutionary stage for Denjuu in Telefang 1. All Super Machine Denjuu are fourth-stage (with the exception of Easydog, who is second-stage) and cannot evolve. Super Denjuu can evolve into Super Machine Denjuu from fusion evolution


There are 10 Super Machine Denjuu. They are the 7th stage found in the game's encyclopedia, and are numbered 111 to 120.

List of Super Machine Denjuu[edit]

No. Name Bootleg name Japanese name Type
111 T1-111-I.gif Easydog Hat イージードッグ

Grassland.gif Grassland

112 T1-112-I.gif Tricerarmor Toriker トリケラーマ

Mountain.gif Mountain

113 T1-113-I.gif Cryptosnipe Kuriputo クリプトスナイプ

Forest.gif Forest

114 T1-114-I.gif Fungboost Fanbus ファンブースト

Grassland.gif Grassland

115 T1-115-I.gif Veenica Buinika ブイーニカ

Grassland.gif Grassland

116 T1-116-I.gif Saiguliger Sagrika サイグリガー

Grassland.gif Grassland

117 T1-117-I.gif Armedurus Amdourus アームドウルス

Grassland.gif Grassland

118 T1-118-I.gif Octorifle Octobre オクトライフル

Aquatic.gif Aquatic

119 T1-119-I.gif Eraserboar Ireizab イレイザーボア

Grassland.gif Grassland

120 T1-120-I.gif Spearneedle Spianid スピアーニードル

Desert.gif Desert