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Tabasco in the Telefang manga
Tabasco (Japanese: タバスコ, Tabasuko; Bootleg: Tabasuko) is a Kakuza Party member, and Nerikara's partner. Because he doesn't know how to use a D-Shot, she battles in his place. The other Kakuza Party members refer to her as "Lady Tabasco". Nerikara's initial plan is to become the prime minister of the Denjuu World. While Tabasco is supposed to be assisting him, she later decides that she wants to be the first female president of the Denjuu World instead.

Tabasco appears to nickname her Denjuu partners, referring to two of them as Denny (デンちゃん, Den-chan) and Limmy (リムちゃん, Rimu-chan) on the phone.


Tronco Village Spring

T1-027-IS.gif Noriutsugi Lv. 10 T1-p02.gif Carefree Tronco Village T1-TF-Tabasco.gif
T1-009-IS.gif Punica Lv. 8 T1-p11.gif Faithful Tronco Village
T1-017-IS.gif Myrtus Lv. 5 T1-p09.gif Tense Tronco Village

Northeast Cavern

T1-025-IS.gif Sorghum Lv. 13 T1-p10.gif Irritable Tronco Village T1-TF-Tabasco.gif
T1-030-IS.gif Lycoris Lv. 10 T1-p04.gif Oblivious Tronco Village
T1-011-IS.gif Suguri Lv. 10 T1-p11.gif Faithful Tronco Village

In the manga[edit]

Tabasco appears in chapter 6 of the Telefang 1 manga, along with Nerikara and a Kakuza Party member. She calls an Abiras to fight Shigeki's party and cause a distraction.