True Denjuu

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True Denjuu (Bootleg: TruMon) is an evolutionary stage for Denjuu in Telefang 1. All True Denjuu are fourth-stage (with the exception of Bashou, who is first-stage) and cannot evolve. They are evolved naturally from Super Denjuu.


There are five True Denjuu. They are the 11th stage found in the game's encyclopedia, and are numbered 156 to 160.

List of True Denjuu[edit]

No. Name Bootleg name Japanese name Type
156 T1-156-I.gif Gigagigerth Gigagigas ギガギガース

Mountain.gif Mountain

157 T1-157-I.gif Barriarm Barimu バリアーム

Mountain.gif Mountain

158 T1-158-I.gif Cryptoknight Kuriput クリプトナイト

Forest.gif Forest

159 T1-159-I.gif Fungwar Fanguo ファングオー

Grassland.gif Grassland

160 T1-160-I.gif Bashou Bargier バショウ

Mountain.gif Mountain