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Things to do[edit]

These are the things that still need to be worked on/finished for the patch, in no particular order.

Translation work[edit]

  • Finish the rest of the story
  • Phone calls (Phone questions will require a text-width calculator and possibly extra hacking)
  • Denjuu encyclopedia entries (Ditto)
  • Text messages (Needs to be made functional before translation can even start.)


  • Complete the Telefang Patch disassembly (2.9kbytes remain)
  • Implement proper text centering so that VWF text is properly centered
  • Implement text compression.
    • Right now it's not needed since we have the overflow bank, but given that we're branching out into other languages with larger strings it may be useful
    • Current idea: "Call with implicit return" opcode that calls a particular address and returns after n bytes regardless of it's contents.
    • Is there a way to do efficient huffman table decoding on GBz80?
  • Automatic word-wrap, so that lines don't have to be formatted by the text injection tools (Is this still possible?)
    • Yes this is still possible
  • Make text messages display properly again
  • Fix any patch-related oddities with the nickname entry screen
  • Check the longer Denjuu/attack names to make sure they display properly.
  • Change the icon for Chiru on the overworld to something that says Chiru.
  • Fix any issues with the menus and title screen in DMG/SGB mode (Are there any?)
  • Redraw the copyright information on the title screen to say "Kodansha" in English.
  • Translate the opening credits (Concept: Kino Kozue, Denjuu Design: Takaki Saiko, leave the Comic BomBom logo alone.) Done!
  • Make the text input screen cycle from uppercase-lowercase-numbers, instead of uppercase-numbers-lowercase. Done!
  • Change the text placeholder strings to say "Placeholder" as well as the pointer for the string.


  • Write better insertion-extraction tools (What's wrong with them?)
  • Write a text-width calculator to help with translating
  • Fully document the bugfixes that have been added to the patch
  • Find a way to eventually make the patch work on Speed

Completed stuff[edit]

  • Enabled VWF on all text
  • Edited the tile mappings so that the "G" in the Telefang logo can hang with the rest of the family.
(Accepted as patch v58 and then new graphics inserted in patch v59.)
  • Removed kana selection from the naming screens, so that you can't use the weird precomposed glyphs.
(Fixed in patch v59. Now the glyphs after letters in the naming screens are punctuation, which is expected.)
  • Made it possible to nickname Denjuu with their full names. (Which version?)
(Can use default names by not entering a nickname, but nicknames are still limited to 6 characters with no plans to change it.)