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  • Red - Assembly code
  • Blue - Text/text pointers
  • Purple - Graphics
  • Green - Other data
Bank ROM address Free regions Data Patch changes
0x0 0x0 $HOME, headers, bankswitch routines, Map/Status Text Routine (0x3A91), Compressed graphics pointer table (0x1DE1, only pointers, no banks) + extra jump into reset vector for some reason (0x63)
+ "Denjuua" (0x66)
+ Generic Limit Break x2 (0x6E-77)
+ Map/Status Text advice (0x77-96)
+ Shop Item Limit Break Bankjump (0x96-9E)
+ Denjuu Name Relocator (0x9E-AF)
0x1 0x4000 Blank + Some ASM (andwhyisit)
0x2 0x8000 0x95E0-0xC000 Opening logos and titlescreen (System State 0, 0x9300. Is itself a state machine.)
0x3 0xC000 Super Gameboy detection/support routines (disabled normally due to improper header setting), C388: SGB borders in SNES tile format
0x4 0x10000 D-shot text entry code, D-shot character mapping
0x5 0x14000 ASM: Battle?
0x6 0x18000 Compressed graphics supertable, ?
0x7 0x1C000 Nearly every background palette set in the game (references bank D for actual color data)
0x8 0x20000 Compressed attributemaps table
0x9 0x24000 Compressed attributemaps table, part 2
0xa 0x28000
0xb 0x2C000 0x2F9BA - 0x30000 Font (0x2D229), Main script interpreter state machine (0x2C100), Font drawing (0x2CE29), text-related code, (0x2C94F: dialogue super pointer table), item names + VWF code
- Item names (moved to 0x78)
0xc 0x30000
0xd 0x34000 Nearly every background ($4000) and object ($5D80) color palette in the game
0xe 0x38000 Nearly every object color palette configuration in the game (actual color data lives in bank D)Stuff, credits, other stuff??
0xf 0x3C000 Maps for wild Denjuu, other unknown things???
0x10 0x40000 Denjuu description text
0x11 0x44000
0x12 0x48000
0x13 0x4C000
0x14 0x50000
0x15 0x54000
0x16 0x58000
0x17 0x5C000
0x18 0x60000
0x19 0x64000
0x1a 0x68000
0x1b 0x6C000
0x1c 0x70000
0x1d 0x74000
0x1e 0x78000 Blank String overflow bank (opcode EC)
0x1f 0x7C000
0x20 0x80000
0x21 0x84000
0x22 0x88000
0x23 0x8C000
0x24 0x90000
0x25 0x94000 Blank + Phone question text 6 (moved from 0x26)
0x26 0x98000 Phone call-related code?
Phone question text
- Phone question text 6 (moved to 0x25)
0x27 0x9C000
0x28 0xA0000 Map room tiles
0x29 0xA4000 0xA786A-0xA8000 FD numbers, compressed stuff?, code?
0x2a 0xA8000 ASM: Map screen, map names, item icons
0x2b 0xAC000 Item graphics
0x2c 0xB0000 Item graphics 2
0x2d 0xB4000 Blank
0x2e 0xB8000 Overworld sprites
0x2f 0xBC000 Overworld sprites 2
0x30 0xC0000 Overworld sprites 3
0x31 0xC4000 Overworld sprites 4
0x32 0xC8000
0x33 0xCC000
0x34 0xD0000 Blank + Denjuu names (moved from 0x75), Modified version of a function that attempts to center strings with spaces (0xD3F40, "StringTable_ADVICE_PadCopyBuffer" in disasm)
0x35 0xD4000 Compressed GB menu tilesets
0x36 0xD8000 Compressed graphics
0x37 0xDC000 Compressed ?, D-shot borders/versions, "You Have _ messages", PUSH START sprites
0x38 0xE0000 Various sprites, overworld graphics, map tiles and sprites, numbers
0x39 0xE4000 Compressed intro and cutscene graphics
0x3a 0xE8000 Compressed intro sprites, link graphics, game over
0x3b 0xEC000 Title Menu, Pause Menu, & Battle Menu Graphics
0x3c 0xF0000 Blank
0x3d 0xF4000 Blank
0x3e 0xF8000 All compressed tilemaps read by HOME A2A
0x3f 0xFC000 All compressed attribmaps read by HOME A34, Some uncompressed graphics ???
0x40 0x100000 Some post-game NPC text
0x41 0x104000 Move animation graphics
0x42 0x108000
0x43 0x10C000 Blank + Event text 5 (moved from 0x4a)
0x44 0x110000 Blank + Phone question text 3 (moved from 0x45)
0x45 0x114000 Text for battles and other general stuff
Phone question text 3
- Phone question text 3 (moved to 0x44)
0x46 0x118000 Text messages and secret Denjuu call text
0x47 0x11C000 NPC text 1
0x48 0x120000 Event text 1
0x49 0x124000 NPC text 2
0x4a 0x128000 Some NPC text
Event text 5
- Event text 5 (moved to 0x43)
0x4b 0x12C000 Event text 2
0x4c 0x130000 Phone question text 1
0x4d 0x134000 Phone question text 2
Compressed evolution graphics
Graphics moved to 0x61
0x4e 0x138000 Event text 3
0x4f 0x13C000 NPC text 3
0x50 0x140000 Event text 4
0x51 0x144000 Phone question text 4
Phone question text 5
- Phone question text 5 (moved to 0x58)
0x52 0x148000
0x53 0x14C000
0x54 0x150000
0x55 0x154000
0x56 0x158000 Phone text (Plot-related)
0x57 0x15C000 Phone text (Experience item-related)
0x58 0x160000 Blank + Phone question text 5 (moved from 0x51)
0x59 0x164000 Compressed overworld tilesets
0x5a 0x168000 Blank
0x5b 0x16C000 Blank
0x5c 0x170000 Blank
0x5d 0x174000 Blank
0x5e 0x178000
0x5f 0x17C000 Unused cutscene tilemaps/palettes (?)
0x60 0x180000 Unused cutscene graphics
0x61 0x184000 Blank Evolution graphics (refer to v89)
0x62 0x188000 Blank
0x63 0x18C000 Acre data for Sanaeba Research Center
0x64 0x190000 Acre data for Marts & Houses, Burion Ruins: Floors 7-9, Human World, Teletel/Dendel room, unused replica of Golaking's room, D-Shot room, Palm Sea Antenna Tree switch room
0x65 0x194000 Acre data for Burion Ruins: Floors 1-6
0x66 0x198000 Acre data for Cactos Ruins
0x67 0x19C000 Game maps, warps, treasure chest contents
0x68 0x1A0000 Acre data for Overworld Map (Top-left, top-right, and bottom-left quadrants), Antenna Trees (same quadrants)
0x69 0x1A4000 Acre data for Overworld Map (Bottom-right quadrant), Antenna Trees (Bottom-right quadrant), Toronko Village Spring, Northeast Cavern, Craft Research Center, Dimenza's Mansion
0x6a 0x1A8000 Acre data for Tripa Antenna Tree Cave, Pepperi Mountains
0x6b 0x1AC000 Sprites for Denjuu #1-18
0x6c 0x1B0000 Sprites for Denjuu #19-36
0x6d 0x1B4000 Sprites for Denjuu #37-54
0x6e 0x1B8000 Sprites for Denjuu #55-72
0x6f 0x1BC000 Sprites for Denjuu #73-90
0x70 0x1C0000 Sprites for Denjuu #91-108
0x71 0x1C4000 Sprites for Denjuu #109-126
0x72 0x1C8000 Sprites for Denjuu #127-144
0x73 0x1CC000 Sprites for Denjuu #145-162
0x74 0x1D0000 Sprites for Denjuu #163-174
0x75 0x1D4000 Various lists: Denjuu names, T-Fanger names, attack names, types, phrases, etc.
Wild Denjuu species/level data, other unknown things???
- Denjuu names (moved to 0x34)
- Battle phrases (moved to 0x78)
0x76 0x1D8000 Encounter/phonecall backgrounds
0x77 0x1DC000 Blank
0x78 0x1E0000 Blank + Battle phrases (moved from 0x75)
+ Item names (moved from 0xb, 0x1E2B80)

+ ASM advice to print items in shops (0x1E2FD0)
0x79 0x1E4000 D-Shot buttons, windows CGB
0x7a 0x1E8000 D-Shot buttons
0x7b 0x1EC000 D-Shot buttons, windows GB
0x7c 0x1F0000 Home screen voice sample
0x7d 0x1F4000 T-Fanger sprites, Denjuu groups, personality icons
0x7e 0x1F8000 T-Fanger sprites
0x7f 0x1FC000 T-Fanger sprites