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This is a list of known bugs in the Telefang 1 translation patch. This only includes bugs that the original Japanese game does not have, so any bugs that originated in the Japanese version will most likely not be fixed unless they are severe.

Current bugs[edit]

High priority[edit]

  • When called by a Denjuu, species name is incorrect. I got a call from "Monstera" but it had the name "Tsunonasu".
  • Story item obtain message is improperly formatted

Low priority[edit]

  • When playing in monochrome mode (i.e. GB or SGB mode), tiles in the D-Shot menu screen are corrupted. This is because tiles for monochrome systems are loaded differently from tiles for the GBC.
  • Certain move, habitat, and item names are too long to fit and get cut off, or overwrite other data.
  • The text inserter occasionally messes up newlines in dialogue.
  • When selecting "Calls" from the D-Shot menu and selecting a Denjuu, the sprite is the wrong one.
  • Code for adding diacritics (dakuten and handakuten, e.g. ほ to ぼ to ぽ) was not updated for Latin scripts. The replacement table assumes the Japanese kana character set and both functions don't disable the VWF when drawing names. It should have a new replacement table that cycles through grave accents, acute accents, umlauts, and so on within the Latin-1 character set.