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Welcome to Wikifang's central to-do list!

This list is pretty general at the moment, so feel free to elaborate or add whatever comes to mind. (Major projects and changes should be discussed on Tulunk as well!)


Decision making[edit]

  • Decide how we're formatting Denjuu pages (templates and such)... Same for Bugs and Dinos, moves, items, and locations.
  • Finalize all of the names for Denjuu (T1 and T2), Bugs, moves, items, locations, etc. (Before adding new pages for them)


  • Revamp pages for important stuff like games, game series, game mechanics, monster types, etc.
  • Clean up the Denjuu and Bug lists as much as possible.


  • Clear out old redirects for incorrect Denjuu names, they're left over from page moves and not really necessary (though Krypto can stay).
  • Create/fix redirects for all of the bootleg T1 Denjuu names, possibly move names as well/
  • T-Fanger templates should be added to location and character pages.


  • DD1 walksprites need to be ripped and animated, only Carina is currently done.
  • Manga sections should be added to all relevant Denjuu pages (Bugsite too...?)

See also[edit]

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