Laperouse (Basic)

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T2-035-S.gif T2-036-S.gif T2-037-S.gif T2-038-S.gif T2-039-S.gif
Telefang 2 icon.gif Denjuu
T2-037-I.gif Laperouse
ラペロウス / Raperousu
No. 037
Stage Basic
Type Mountain.gif Mountain
Version Power icon.gif

Laperouse is a Mountain.gif Mountain-type Denjuu.

Name etymology[edit]

From Megapodius laperouse, the Micronesian megapode.


Power/Speed ちいさいけれど するどいツメと きんにくしつなしっぽでこうげき
English Translation It may be small but it has very sharp claws and a strong tail.

Telefang 2 sprites[edit]

Front Idle Front Active Back Idle Back Active
T2-037-F.gif T2-037-FA.gif T2-037-B.gif T2-037-BA.gif


Power Version


Moves of Laperouse (Basic)
From start Tail
From start Rock Claw Mini Quake (L10)
Lv. 8 Roar
Lv. 18 Mini Rock