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Welcome to Wikifang, an independent wiki on the chain of Smilesoft games, namely the Keitai Denjuu Telefang (携帯電獣テレファング) series, the GachaSta! Dino Device series and Network Adventure Bugsite. We are creating a definitive guide to these games, and everyone can help, even without logging in. We are working on 860 articles, have 4,121 files and 5,971 pages total right now!

This wiki has undergone a move from Wikia and currently contains all the original articles. It also houses the Telefang 1 translation patch, information about which you can find to your right.



Important Aspects

  • Manga - The manga adaptation of the Telefang games.
  • Denjuu | Dinos | Bugs - The monsters roaming in their world.
  • Phone numbers - The method to call Denjuu friends.
  • Battles - Because every game needs them.
  • Items - The necessities that everyone needs for daily trips.
  • Moves - The moves that are used to attack others for survival.
  • Types
  • Humans
    • T-Fangers - The people who have Denjuu friends.
    • Hackers - The people who utilize Bugs.
  • Locations - The different cities and towns throughout the whole of the three worlds.
  • Evolution - Because everyone needs to advance.
  • Glitches
Telefang Translation Patch
Telefang Speed v111 Title.png
Telefang Power v111 Title.png

The patch currently works with both the Power version and Speed version of the game.

The latest version is v116, rolled by kmeisthax with contributions from obskyr, andwhyisit and Kimbles.

For full patch notes please consult the forums.

Speed IPS:

Power IPS:

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