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Welcome! This page follows the updates on the Telefang 1 Translation Patch (currently active on Tulunk Village).

Started out as a vision and a thought, the members of Tulunk Village worked together to work towards what one day we would all achieve - a completely translated Telefang 1, as a proper English replacement to supersede the currently infamous bootlegged version.

Although still a work in progress, one day we can all realize this dream.

Patch: Text dump and translationsKnown bugsThings to do
Documentation: Bank mapRAM mapMalias compressionEncodingPower/Speed ROM differencesGame State Machine
Raw dumps: Compressed graphicsTilemapsAttributemaps
Thread on Tulunk Village

Latest version

The patch currently works with both the Power version and Speed version of the game.

The latest version is v116, rolled by kmeisthax with contributions from obskyr, andwhyisit and Kimbles.

For full patch notes please consult the forums.

Speed IPS:

Power IPS:


Version 1[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Added the english text characters in the rom
  • Added all the english move names (link dead)

Version 2[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Name input, attack names and denjuu names

Version 3[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • The symbol for Chiru has been replaced
  • Fangs renamed to Fungus with all the evolutions following suit
  • All of the Evolutionary Stages are written out in full apart from "Super Machine Denjuu" which was shortened to "S.Machine Denjuu".

Version 4[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Intro inserted in rom
  • Added "NAV" to the bottom
  • Changed font to a Pokémon-like one

Added text such as:

  • "Give nickname?"
  • "Fight/Status/Run" (I guessed on Fight and Run, but I know "Position" is supposed to say "Status")
  • "____ has challenged you!"
  • The T-Fanger Stranded Child (I called it "S. CHILD" due to the 8-character limit)
  • "Save number?"
  • "Critical!!" (I know I got this one right)
  • Changed "Kryptoraid" to "Kryptoride" and "Kryptoarmor" to "Kryptoarm", but I didn't change any other Denjuu names


Version 5[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Made some name adjustments plus cleaned up alot of the squashed effect with the names.

Version 5.1[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Added "___ appeared!"
  • Changed "Escape" to "Run"
  • Added the "Fight"/"Run" text in the battle screen
  • Added the types (used the same ones as the bootleg, because there's a 4-character limit, but I capitalized "Wood")

Version 6[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Replaced "You defeated the enemy Denjuu!" with "The enemy Denjuu were defeated!" It means the same thing, but you don't have to worry about the was/were thing.
  • Edited the screen where you pick your Denjuu. If you have none, it now says "- None -" and the top-right says "Pg."

Version 7[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • When viewing the D-Shot on a regular Game Boy, it loads different tilesets (from $1E4000-$1E7FFF, as opposed to $1EC000-$1EFFFF). Those buttons were redisigned, but only for the monochrome Game Boy so that we could still have the already existing ones.
  • Added "ISOLATE" as a T-Fanger.
  • Added the "NO SIGNAL" icon on the bottom left.
  • Changed "___'s attack! ___!" to "___ used ___!" because of the text length issue.

Version 8[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • discovered where the preset name is (it is limited to 3 characters and each character is stored separate from each other), attempted to squeeze Shigeki into the 3 tiles.
  • cleaned up names, renamed "Krypto" to "Crypto" (in both the Denjuu names and Dialogue text), and added the 's symbol (hex value 06).

Version 9[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Translated Crypto's picture book entry. Scrunched down so that it fits two lines.
  • Changed "___ used ___!" to "___'s move! ___!" There weren't any issues with text wrapping here.
  • Revamped the phone button graphics to the Game Boy Color. In case anybody liked the old ones better, THOSE were moved to the Game Boy ones for now. Also added are the Speed buttons, unused.
  • Added "You received ___ mail messages." There were different lines of text for each number (1-4), so there weren't any singular/plural issues.
  • The NO SIGNAL fixed.
  • Fixed the chopped off 0 on the phone.
  • Added "I tell you my phone number!" because I got tired of looking at the garbled text, though since I just took it from Diamond, it's probably inaccurate.

Version 10[edit]

By Blaziken257
A lot of translations of battle messages, plus:

  • Added in Toronko Village and Kurinon Village as map locations; check them out.
  • Switched the lowercase and uppercase buttons, but didn't change the entries yet.
  • Copied all the Denjuu Arrive/Denjuu Attack phrases from the Diamond ROM
  • Added "___ arrived!" when a Denjuu arrives.
  • Added the Smoke status effect. Called it "Fog" for now.
  • Added "Are you sure?" when you selected your Denjuu.
  • Added "Go! _____!" when fighting a T-Fanger.

Version 11[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixed the name entry values

Version 12[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Added Kimbles' battle translations

Version 13[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • The "You have # messages" tiles are done.
  • "Ok!" stamp is done, with palette changes of course!
  • Item names done.

Version 14[edit]

By Sanky

  • Added Cancel in menu and "No Items".

Version 14.1[edit]

By Sanky

  • Made Cancel and No Items look better.

Version 15[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Added personalities and status effects

Version 16[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Added Kimbles' shop text.

Version 17[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Added most of the dialogue in Toronko Water Station, up to part of the way when you wake up Nejiro.
  • Made all the shop text point to one place, freeing some space.

Version 18[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Rest of the translated stuff for Kakuza Party done.

Version 19[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Toronko Village dialogue almost done.

Version 20[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • The word "Denjuu" can now be accessed with the code E56600.

Version 21[edit]


Version 22[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • The default name is now "Shigeki".

Versions 23-25[edit]

Andwhyisit's in-house developtment versions.

  • v23 and v24 contained the fix for the E5 code words but aside from that they were mostly failed attempts.
  • v25 contained Kimbles font and that E5 code word fix (which I pulled from v24). I was set to release v25, but I waited until v26 was done instead.
  • v26 contains the rest of the updates mentioned..

Version 26[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Changed the font to Kimbles' font
  • Cleaned up some code
  • Cleaned up the look of the Denjuu names so that it doesn't look ugly
  • Updated the Denjuu names to match the wiki
  • Skipped three versions

Version 27[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Made the promised fixes
    • Changed the T-Fanger ISOLATE to KAKUZA
    • Fixed minor cases of double characters in wrong places
  • Made the attack list header read "Moves"

Version 28[edit]

By Sanky

  • All the map label text is now translated
  • Made "Cancel" in the menu look better again since Andwhyisit probably skipped version 14.1, to go with the soon-to-be-added translated menu.

Version 29[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Created some asm code to allow running asm code from the previously empty bank 1.

Version 30[edit]

By Sanky

  • Replaced the place names with correct translations (see here).

Version 31[edit]

By Malias

  • Added a working variable width font feature!
    • Width table is located at 2FB00.

Version 32[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Modified the font to work with Malias' variable width hack.

Version 33[edit]

Skipped by Sanky for unknown reasons. Shame on him! (okay actually this version had the modified intro but not the other changes)

Version 34[edit]

By Sanky

  • Title screen now says "POWER VERSION".
  • New lines in the intro are modified to make full use of the VWF.
  • Labels on the map when you press start are done (again!). Includes full names like Toronko Village instead of Toronko Vill.. The only shortening is Pepperi Mount., because Pepperi Mountain didn't fit by one character.

Version 35[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Solved a problem with the VWF code.

Version 36-38[edit]

By andwhyisit: v36: Ported back over the changes from v29. v37: Didn't go anywhere really. Dropped v37 and started the counter back up at v38 because v37 was going in the wrong direction and needed to be scrapped and stated again from v36. v38: Restructured some of the VWF code to make it easier to read.

Version 39[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Rewrote all suspect "LD (nn),A" and "LD A,(nn)" in the code so that they wrote to and read from an otherwise unused section of ram. THIS FIXES THE DENJUU CALL GLITCH.

Version 40[edit]

By Sanky

  • Made various ASM fixes to get rid of the disappearing first character bug:
Made this change:
3E 08      ld a,08
3E 07      ld a,07
on the following adresses:
Status screen personality  - 9164
"Fight" upon opening moves - 14CCA
In-battle Denjuu names     - 17633
Additional in-battle Denjuu name fixes:
ROM:017E2C  CD 61 64    call 6461
ROM:017E2C  00 00 00    nop nop nop

ROM:01594B  CD 61 64    call 6461
ROM:01594B  00 00 00    nop nop nop

This fixes the Denjuu name after winning:
ROM:017363  3E 04       ld a,04
ROM:017363  3E 03       ld a,03
  • Still needs fixing:
  • Denjuu name when a status effect appears, e.g. Fog
  • The HP/DP bars, first character gets overwritten on battle start

Version 41[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Changed the font to a custom, thinner one
  • Applied the SGB enabling patch

Version 42[edit]

By Sanky

  • Redone everything story-wise (intro, Nerikara's speech, Nejiro/Netaro text, etc.)
  • Redone battle messages and "general" bank
  • Started work on Kurinon
  • Changed 0x00 to a full-width space

Version 43[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • fixes the monochrome phone graphics and the ? and - widths

Version 44[edit]

By Sanky

  • Garbled text removed.
  • Wrapping line breaks fixed.
  • Full-width spaces (0x00) replaced with half-width spaces (0x20).
  • "DEKICHBA" changed to "Tabasco".
  • "KAKUZA" changed to "Kakuza".
  • Untested fix to text rendering while switching Denjuu.

Version 45[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Title screen is now IN ENGLISH!
  • "Civilized Denjuu" changed to "Cultured Denjuu".

Version 46[edit]

By Sanky

  • Kurinon story text
  • Some calls, partially text messages but they don't display properly.
  • Other fixes in older text.

Version 47[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Minor title screen edit.

Version 48[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixed some Yes/No questions.
  • Changed garbled text on level up screen. Not perfect but it'll do for now.
  • Started work on breaking the denjuu name limit.

Version 49[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Solved the disappearing personalities bug that showed up in the last version.

Version 50[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Wrote a few asm functions later used in v51. No visible changes.

Version 51[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • More advancements made towards breaking the limit.

Note: The E5 code for pointer 0x114060] needs to be changed to E5 A0 CC or «&0xcc90» in the text dump to match this patch.

Version 52[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Repositioned and repointed the compressed data from bank 37h.

Version 53[edit]

By Sanky

  • Completely translated the menus
  • Translated the status screen
  • Changed the ugly "No items" icon
  • Changed the ugly "POWER VERSION" text on the title screen

Version 54[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixed the nicknaming screen.

Version 55[edit]

By Sanky

Version 56[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • New English title screen added.

Version 57[edit]

By kmeisthax

  • Sprite layout modified so that sprites 0Fh and 10h were situated below the G in the telefang logo.

Version 58[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • The G in the title screen was moved down thanks to kmeisthax repositioning those sprites for me.

Version 59[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • The 2-char character tiles were removed, as well as all use of them in-game.
  • All missing ascii characters were added in (20h to 7Fh) and the dash shortened. This means that the tilde will now show.

Version 60[edit]

or Telefang - Power Version (J) [C][!] (Eng. beta branch-vwffix): by kmeisthax

  • Made VWF work for the rest of the text

Version 61[edit]

By kmeisthax

  • Disabled the string centering routine

Version 62[edit]

By RacieB

  • Translated the index complete certificate

Version 63[edit]

By User:Sanky

  • Put in new translations and doubled the character limits of the following:
Item names, T-Fangers, attacks, habitats, personalities, status effects
See Lists for details
  • Made the Denjuu name in ___ appeared! correct

Version 64[edit]

By User:Kmeisthax

  • Fixed the Denjuu call screen text routine to not use clobbered tile pointer every character and instead respect the VWF state OldTileMode.
  • String centering undisabled because Sanky's branch didn't get the patch and I forgot to document it.
(Speaking of which, did you know I document all my patches in my Findings section?)

Version 65[edit]

By User:Kmeisthax

  • "Status item" text no longer shows graphical errors after 16 drawn tiles.
  • VWF core routine no longer touches MainScript state, other users of VWF no longer corrupt MainScript state
  • Known bug: Oshe's curry speech seems to be improperly formatted or I have more main script corruption bugs. Denju call screen main script is weird because it doesn't get initialized like regular main script windows.

Version 66[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • All Denjuu name occurances are now entirely sourced from the 16-char entries. No more uppercase names.

Version 67[edit]

By User:Kmeisthax

  • VWF core routine now much more conservative with drawing onto the next tile, should fix all "next tile in VRAM gets erased" bugs.

Version 68[edit]

By User:Sanky

  • Fix for "INVALID" placeholder Denjuu nature on certain status screens

Version 69[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixes auto-nickname limit.
  • Known bug: Denjuu loss screen shows incorrect denjuu name

Version 70[edit]

By User:Kmeisthax, un-by User:Sanky

  • Removed Sanky's v40, as we fixed the underlying cause of the behavior by making the VWF more conservative on tile usage. This was causing a bug where VRAM clears would complete one tile earlier then they should.

Version 71[edit]

By andwhyisit

Version 72[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Bug fix for v71. Denjuu names other than Crypto were behaving stangely due to the code looking for the sram Denjuu data in 6-byte blocks rather than 16-byte blocks.

Version 73[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • A bugfix for my.. bugfix? o_O;

Version 74[edit]

By Sanky

  • Changed one ld a,09 to ld a,10 so attack names don't get cut off in-battle
  • Changed "Cultured Denjuu" to "Cultivated Denjuu"
  • Changed "Dark Void Denjuu" to "Dark Space Denjuu"
  • Inserted Umekichi "dialogue"

Version 75[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Moved the name data in D460 to D6A0 to prevent data in ram from being overwritten or misread.

Note: All E5 60 D4 codes in the script are now E5 A0 D6. Unfortunately there are too many to list.

Version 76[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Moved the name data in D440 to D68D to prevent data in ram from being overwritten or misread.

Note: That one E5 40 D4 code in the script is now E5 8D D6. It's from the line that says "[name] appeared!" in bank 45.

Version 77[edit]

By Sanky

  • Kurinon Village done! Story, NPCs and even unused text. Kimbles probably knows better than me, by this point. XD

Version 78[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixed garbage text in Denjuu names over 6-char by stopping the copied entry from being truncated before the trailing E0.
  • Increased printed characters for Denjuu names on the status screen.
  • Increased printed characters for the Denjuu names on the pre-battle Denjuu selection screen.
  • Increased printed characters for the in-battle Denjuu name that appears above the health bar.

Version 79[edit]

By Sanky

  • Fixes the game crashing upon picking up and placing an item again.
The single change:
RO78:6FF9 ld a,0B
RO78:6FFB ld (C423),a
RO78:6FFE ret

Version 80[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Apparently in v78 I only broke the character limit for the first name in the Denjuu selection screen. This should fix the limits for the second and third names.

Version 81[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Nickname screen fixed.

Version 82[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixes the Denjuu name not appearing during a phone call.

Version 83[edit]

By kmeisthax

  • This VWFs every other piece of text in the game (that I know about).

Version 84[edit]

By kmeisthax

  • This adds a byte at WRAM C7C8, when it's set to 1 it causes all letters to be treated as 8 pixels wide. This isn't actually set by anything, I need to write VWF-Enable and VWF-Disable control codes into the main script interpreter, but it's getting late.

Version 85[edit]

By kmeisthax

  • Adds two control codes EA (VWF disable) and EB (VWF enable).
  • Still cannot be used until I modify the game to use a different script routine for the naming screens.

Version 86[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Moved D4B1 names to D658 where they can't overwrite reserved values in ram.
  • Mass replaced E5 B1 D4 with E5 58 D6 in the script.
  • Fixed an E5 code typo in the phrase "[name]'s Denma attack went up!" causing the name to not display.
  • Found a cure for Ornith's sadness. :P Yep. More name limit expansions.
  • Expanded D420 to 16 chars and a trailing E0. Sorry Sanky but I had to remove your old hack.
  • Moved D420's content to an unused section of ram to accomodate the full 17 bytes.
  • Refixed the "[name] appeared!" message after the above changes.
  • Applied FWF to name input screens. This adds an extra pointer to the game script btw.

Version 87[edit]

By Sanky

  • Added in Kimbles' Iris story and NPC translations!
  • Tweaked the map text routine to enable text longer than 15 characters (moved it from CA00 to CCC0)
  • Changed Peperi Mount. to Peperi Mountain accordingly, although we probably want to do full names later (i.e., The Devil's Mountain, Mt. Peperi)

Version 88[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • All dialogue and associated pointer table pairs now occupy their own bank.

Note: Previously empty bank numbers 25, 43, 44, and 58 are now used.

Version 89[edit]

By Sanky

  • Updated Kimbles' translations
  • Corrected evolution graphics which were crashing before.

Originally (Japanese version):

 0x1d - bank 0x4d +   0x65c9 (0x1365c9), 0x350 bytes compressed read in  0x9000
 0x1e - bank 0x4d +   0x622e (0x13622e), 0x350 bytes compressed read in  0x9000
 0x1f - bank 0x4d +   0x648d (0x13648d), 0x190 bytes compressed read in  0x9400

In v88 the graphics have mysteriously dematerialized. Now:

0x1d - bank 0x61 +   0x4000 (0x184000), 0x350 bytes compressed read in  0x9000
0x1e - bank 0x61 +   0x4350 (0x184350), 0x350 bytes compressed read in  0x9000
0x1f - bank 0x61 +   0x46e3 (0x1846e3), 0x190 bytes not compressed read in  0x9400

The first two are backgrounds and need not to be changed. The third one is the CANNOT EVOLVE text, which we might want to change (I fudged it a bit), so it's uncompressed. Yay!

Version 90[edit]

By Sanky

  • Updated Kimbles' translations:

Version 91[edit]

By Sanky

  • Made the tilde a bit longer and prettier~
  • Added dumps and placeholders for multiple banks
  • This fixes the glitchy calls. When andwhyisit moved the extra texts into individual banks, he accidentally wrote the pointers in big endian, which is why the game exploded upon attempting to read them.

Version 92[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Fixed cursor position for Yes/No prompts on the following screens:
    • Being asked to nickname a Denjuu
    • Being asked "Are you sure?" after selecting Denjuu prior to battle

(More details here: -- could be useful for future cursor fixes)

Version 93[edit]

By Sanky

  • Made "Defense", "Denma", "Type:" look better on the status screen
  • Put a space after Sky etc. to workaround the glitchy tile, and moved the slash elsewhere to workaround long types.
  • Put in a small chunk of Barran NPC text.

The previously compressed status screen tiles can now be found uncompressed at 0xd4a26.

Version 94[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixed the midnight palette bug in VBA.

Version 95[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • All VBA-related clock bugs to my knowledge are now fixed.

Version 96[edit]

By Sanky

  • Corrected a horrible corruption caused in v91.
  • Reinserted the moved banks, since the previous placeholders didn't have end codes.
  • Reinserted the general bank with a handful of changes.
  • Added tiny hex codes 1 through 1f to the font, because I could.

Version 97[edit]

By Sanky

Version 98[edit]

By andwhyisit

Normally when you go to choose to not nickname a Denjuu you end up with a full-length default name, but if you choose to nickname and then go with the default you would be stuck with the truncated name. With this patch the game checks that the 6-char truncation of the default matches the submitted nickname, and if so replaces it with the full length default.

So essentially this allows you to change your mind after saying yes to nicknames.

Version 99[edit]

By andwhyisit

  • Fixed some overly long lines ("What was that all about...?" and "X has challenged you!") that broke the text box.
  • Fixed the FD figure jumping over 100 in phone calls.

Version 100[edit]

By andwhyisit

This fixes the names not appearing in the call log.

Version 101[edit]

By Blaziken257

This repositions the cursor on various screens when linking two games.

(More details here:

Version 102[edit]

By Blaziken257

  • Characters for foreign languages (Spanish, French, German, and Italian) are added to the game's font, but currently unused.
  • The D-Shot screen now cycles between uppercase-lowercase-numbers instead of uppercase-numbers-lowercase. The character entry, buttons, and label on the bottom left have all been updated accordingly.

(More details here:

Version 103[edit]

By Blaziken257 and Sanky

  • Implemented a bug fix from version 102 where certain D-Shot screens would have lowercase letters on their buttons instead of numbers
  • Added ¡ and ¿ to the font (currently unused)
  • Fixed a blank nickname bug introduced in an earlier patch

Version 104[edit]

By Sanky and Kimbles

  • Inserted Barran story & NPC text.
  • Added an ellipsis and a "!!" character. Started using Denjuu E5 code and 's.
  • Implemented a special character for FAR text, FC, which currently simply jumps to bank 2E, pointer following. Code is at B:7c89, as an extension of kmeisthax's advice.
  • Updated other misc. text.

Version 105[edit]

By Sanky

  • Translated the credits splash screen, seen on startup.

Version 106[edit]

By Sanky and Kimbles

  • Added new translations by Kimbles, including but not limited to:
  • Ion Island
  • Beginning of Paparouna
  • Various corrections

Version 107[edit]

by Sanky

  • Reinserted all text using new text inserter. Line wrapping and cut-off issues, begone!

Version 108[edit]

by andwhyisit

  • Fixes the bug where Denjuu with a contact number greater than 16 (as in your 17th Denjuu) would return the name of the Denjuu with contact number "((contactnum-1)%16)+1" instead.

Version 109[edit]

by andwhyisit

  • Replaces the Japanese Melo-D buttons with English counterparts.

Version 110[edit]

by andwhyisit

  • Fixes that missing slash between page numbers.
  • Also fixes the page indicator when trading so that it displays something useful like "Pg. 01/01" instead of "(0D14 01'01".

by kmeisthax

  • Complete port of all patch changes to Telefang Speed.

Version 111[edit]

rolled by kmeisthax, with contributions from sanqui, andwhyisit, RacieB, and Blaziken257.

Speed IPS: Power IPS:

Additionally, the DMG palette of the overhang sprites was altered slightly to stand out less.
(Original iteration of this title screen mocked up by andwhyisit [1], further adjustments by kmeisthax. Translated & formatted copyright declaration by RacieB)
  • DMG graphics have been updated across the board to match their CGB equivalents.
  • Text in the SMS bank was force-formatted to 6 tiles wide instead of the usual 16. This has notably resulted in a few regressions, such as outbound calls.
  • A whole bunch of patch leftovers were removed in order to make way for more graphics changes.
  • Text compilation was adjusted to use CSVs. Existing translations were pulled from the wiki and inserted into the patch, so nothing has been lost. Future translations will be sync'd from a Google Sheets document shared with the translation team in an upcoming version of the project.
  • Text compilation now has a slightly adjusted formatting algorithm. Notably, question text had a regression and is incorrectly formatted in certain areas.
  • The multiplayer menu and link error indicator are now translated. (Graphics & tilemaps provided by andwhyisit)
  • Partial automatic RTC-less operation is now present. MBC3 cartridges without an RTC circuit will now correctly recognize this and refrain from corrupting their own save data. MBC5 cartridges currently do not trip this check; however, running Telefang on MBC5 does not corrupt save data either. A future update will modify this check to operate correctly on such hardware so that real-time events may still occur.
(Original RTC-less patch provided by Blaziken257, modified by kmeisthax for automatic RTC detection.)
  • Some unused advice code was removed to provide additional room in the HOME bank. AuxCodeJmp now properly retains certain registers upon return, allowing better advice flexibility. Additionally, the call flow of this particular pointcutting method was adjusted to make it easier to redirect the return address elsewhere.
  • A number of screens that center text were modified to take font pixel widths into account when aligning text, rather than assuming one character equals one tile. This requires manual pointcuts into a new advice function for every piece of UI that draws centered strings.
  • The Status screen was modified to properly center strings, not draw garbled tiles next to unknown moves, and not cutoff the Denjuu habitat. Due to this, the "Type:" string was redrawn to be a shorter icon so that the type would fit. This may be modified again if we need longer type strings.
  • Advice code was modified to correct issues with certain Denjuu having their nicknames load incorrectly.
(Bugfix provided by andwhyisit)
  • Centering code used by the Pause Menu contact and call screens were modified to use our new centering advice, correcting their alignment. This has caused a regression in certain screens that expected the old code to remain within a shorter tile width than they were written for.
  • The "corrupted save data" error screen was translated. Furthermore, a Speed specific version of this screen was created, correcting an omission from the original release.
(Translated Power and redrawn Speed graphics resources provided by andwhyisit.)

Version 112[edit]

Rolled by kmeisthax, with contributions from sanqui, andwhyisit

Speed IPS: Power IPS:

  • The summon screen in link battles now renders the entire nickname of your selected denjuu.
  • The "Trade" and "Melo-D Transfer" badges now render correctly on the individual connection screens for those respective functions.
  • Translated the "オリジナル" text for Melo-D transfers as "Original", matching the existing translations for Melo-D edit.
  • Altered RTC detection to work properly on MBC5 and other similar cart hardware with additional RAM banks. (andwhyisit, sanqui)
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Version 113[edit]

Rolled by kmeisthax

Speed IPS: Power IPS:

  • A new script was added to pull translations from Google Sheets as translators add them. (Note that we do not have the new translations I was waiting for ready yet.)
  • Project tools were converted to Python 3, and PRET was removed in favor of rgbgfx.
  • New overflow bank system was defined to allow spilling code to multiple banks, so that we won't run out of space for our translations. In total we have three overflow banks with the possibility of more.
  • Some script files were merged into a single .csv for the sake of the translators working in GSheets.
  • SMS messages no longer appear incorrectly formatted; the text mechanism now supports newlines on arbitrarily shaped text windows, and we also have a full six lines of tiles for SMS text.
  • Upper and lower case input on naming screens no longer cycles through an arbitrary collection of accented characters. Instead, accented characters have been moved to the diacritics button.
  • Naming screens now have punctuation moved to the asterisk and pound buttons on the number input mode. Brackets are still available using the pound key on the upper and lower case input screens.
  • Diacritics button graphic has been localized to reflect it's purpose of applying accents to Latin characters and not kana.
  • Text rendering using the diacritics button has been fixed to not use VWF, matching the behavior of other buttons.

Version 114[edit]

Rolled by kmeisthax

Speed IPS: Power IPS:

  • Redraw the logo on the SGB border to our English "Telefang" logo
  • Colorize the title screen for SGB operation.
  • Colorize the title menu for SGB operation, sort of.
  • Fix "Are you calling me over?" message getting formatted like an SMS.
  • Fix item use messages getting corrupted by the overworld code.
  • Fix centering of the item name on the pause menu inventory screen, and the species name on the pause menu contact screen.
  • Remove a nickname draw that was ordinarily overwritten on the denjuu nicknaming screen, which was broken by the above fix.

Version 115a,b[edit]

Rolled by kmeisthax, with contributions from andwhyisit, obskyr

Speed IPS: Power IPS:

  • Fix initial time selection reverting to 00:00 when starting a new game on non-RTC hardware. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Change "ARRIVE!" to "ARRIVED!" when a Denjuu arrives to battle. (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • Add a music note ♫ to the font and encoding. (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • A buttload of question-and-answer phone conversations, A bunch of EXP item conversations, 123 Denjuu descriptions, A few battle text changes, Changes to a few attack and arrival phrases, A couple of story/NPC line fixes, Some unused lines (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

A previous release of Patch version 115, retroactively named v115a, was replaced to fix a critical font issue. The original v115a download is listed below:

Speed IPS: Power IPS:

Version 116[edit]

Rolled by kmeisthax, with contributions from obskyr, andwhyisit, and Kimbles

Speed IPS: Power IPS:

  • All of the villages of the Denjuu World got together and slightly modernized their names. Most of Telefang's place names are actually plant-themed, so we've changed "Toronko" to "Tronco", "Kurinon" to "Krinon", "Burion" to "Bryon", and so on. (Thanks, Kimbles!)
  • A number of Denjuu calls have been translated, including several quizzes that were surprisingly difficult to translate. There are still a few conversation chains that we haven't gotten to yet, or are still debating; but you should notice fewer instances of /0x134nnn/ whenever your Denjuu pals phone you up. (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • Some of the Index entries have been revised now. (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • Denjuu types now appear correctly on the Index page. We also changed the existing abstract type graphic out. Now, on the Index page, it says "Habitat:", while the Contact/Status screen says "Type:". (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Unlocking a move on level-up no longer references the old, unused moves table. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • The level-up screen no longer has garbage tiles or abbreviations (mostly) in it. (Discovered by andwhyisit)
  • The names of Denjuu you enlist no longer get cutoff on the "Got X's phone number!" message. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Denjuu that call you no longer have their names cut off on your D-Shot, and they will be centered.
  • Fixed no-RTC mode (again) so that new games don't start at midnight anymore (unless you want them). (Thanks andwhyisit, Shokupanda!)
  • Added a little music note glyph ♪ taken from one of the game's pre-release screenshots. Try and find where we hid it! (Thanks, obskyr!)