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Type is a common system of classification of offensive and defensive characteristics in RPGs. Its use and definition on this wiki differs between the three series covered here.


  • Habitat type - Denjuu are classified by what sort of habitat they live in, summarized by Grassland, Mountain, Sky, Forest, Aquatic, and Desert. A Denjuu's habitat type determines its defensive capabilities. In Telefang 1, habitat types also determined offensive capabilities.
  • Move type - Telefang 2 introduced move types, which gave Denjuu greater offensive versatility. There are nine move types, consisting of Normal, Fire, Electric, Water, Wind, Rock, Machine, Offense, and Defense. The latter two types are comprised of nondamaging moves such as stat debuffs or healing moves.


  • Maker - Bugs and moves are classified by the companies that made them, these being FE, Sting, Ruger, Tahiro, and Jank. A Bug's maker determines its weaknesses and resistances to moves by different makers.
  • Damage type - Bug attacks have damage types, these include Blade, Strike, Special, Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric, and Ground. Each Bug has a list of weaknesses and resistances to these damage types, which can be seen on their fourth stats page.

Dino Device[edit]

Dino Device 1 - Each Style of Dino is divided into five Elements: Normal, Fire, Water, Thunder, and Earth. Devices are also classified by Element. A Dino's resistance or weakness to attacks depends on its Element, as well as the Elements of any armor Devices it may have equipped.
Dino Device 2 - There are five Elements - Fire, Water, Thunder, Earth, and Special - and three Dinos per Element.