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In the Telefang community, we use IRC to chat. IRC is an old chat protocol compatible with pretty much every computer and device under the sun. If you don't have/want any IRC chat software, you can chat from the comfort of your browser.

Click here to chat!

Or visit this backup link if the above doesn't work for whatever reason.

Server details[edit]

You can use the following details in any IRC client:

Channel: #telefang

Desktop clients[edit]

  • HexChat is a pretty good one, available for Windows, Linux and OSX.
  • Chatzilla is a Firefox extension, if you prefer that.
  • mIRC is a very old but very well-known and powerful one. Windows only.

Idling on IRC[edit]

Even though we're online on IRC, we can't sit there and chat 24/7. A lot of us just have an IRC client open at all times and will sometimes check it. So when you stop by, don't expect there to necessarily be any activity at the time. Feel free to say hello, and don't quit when nobody replies after a few minutes! We come from all around the world and have lives. It's recommended to just stay around and wait until somebody else comes up!

Have fun chatting! If you need any help, feel free to ask in the relevant forum thread.