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Malias compression is the compression used in numerous Natsume games, namely, at least Telefang and Medarot. It is a modified implementation of the LZ77 algorithm, which works by referencing previously decompressed data using length-distance pairs. Wikipedia has a good description of the algorithm.

Malias compression is named after Malias, the person who wrote the first decompresser.

Implementation of the Malias compression in pseudocode:

compressed = readbyte()
if compressed != 0x00:
    total = readshort()             # Total length of the graphics
    while bytes < total:            # bytes is number of bytes decompressed
        modes = readshort()         # Contains modes for the next 10 bytes
        for mode in bits(modes):
            if mode == 0x1:         # Copy mode
                loc = -(readshort() & 0x7ff)
                num = lastbyte >> 3 & 0x1f + 0x03
                loc += bytes-1
                do num times:
                    data += data[loc]
                    loc += 1
            else:                   # Insert mode
                data += readbyte()

Games that use the compression[edit]

  • Keitai Denjuu Telefang
  • Medarot 1
  • Medarot 2
  • Medarot 3
  • Medarot 4 (assumed)
  • Medarot 5 (assumed)
  • Croc 2

Decompression tools[edit]

  • Malias' Telefang Tools can decompress and recompress the graphics with ease, provided locations.
  • punika is a simple implementation in Python which decompresses all compressed graphics at once, working off tables in the ROM.