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Number Bank ROM offset Memory Comments Image
0x1 0x37 0xdc1ee 0x8100 They appear to be battle graphics.

None of these need to be modified for the translation.

0x2 0x36 0xda0a9 0x8cd0 T1C-02.png
0x3 0x36 0xd8000 0x9000 The intro logo graphics.

The Japanese text happens to be "Original Design" credits or something. That particular screen should be hacked to draw that text in English using our VWF routines.

0x4 0x36 0xd85b0 0x8800 "Comic Bon Bon" logo. Now-defunct Japanese comics magazine targeted towards the children's market.

They published the Telefang manga, and are referenced in-game.

0x5 0x37 0xdd512 0x9400 T1C-05.png
0x6 0x36 0xd9973 0x8000 OAM (sprite) graphics for the title screen.

These are already heavily modified in the translation.

0x7 0x37 0xdc7d9 0x9000 Appears to be tiles for the "Finally, we're connected..." opening cutscene. T1C-07.png
0x8 0x37 0xdce1d 0x8800 Extra tiles for above. T1C-08.png
0x9 0x37 0xdcf2f 0x8b80 T1C-09.png
0xa 0x36 0xd8e55 0x9000 Top half of the title screen.

These graphics were heavily modified for the translation.

0xb 0x36 0xd93cc 0x8800 Second half of the graphics.

The third copyright is Kodansha, the publisher of Comic BonBon.

We still need to edit that, but this requires more tiles and altering the tilemap to fit.

0xc 0x37 0xdc3ed 0x9000 T1C-0c.png
0xd 0x37 0xddb75 0x8e00 T1C-0d.png
0xe 0x36 0xd9c36 0x9000 Graphics for various Denjuu/D-Shot related menus.

The next few graphics entries appear to be more of the same, but in different arrangements for different menus.

0xf 0x36 0xd8a92 0x9000 T1C-0f.png
0x10 0x36 0xd8cea 0x9000 T1C-10.png
0x11 0x37 0xdc000 0x8000 T1C-11.png
0x12 0x37 0xddc34 0x8f00 T1C-12.png
0x13 0x37 0xdd2ac 0x9400 T1C-13.png
0x14 0x36 0xda17f 0x9000 T1C-14.png
0x15 0x36 0xda27d 0x9000 T1C-15.png
0x16 0x37 0xdd190 0x9000 T1C-16.png
0x17 0x37 0xddc8e 0x8e00 T1C-17.png
0x18 0x36 0xda3ff 0x9600 This arrangement of phone number graphics is very convenient because it fits in the Main Script tile buffer. Most likely, it's used for the "Got a Denjuu's number" screen. T1C-18.png
0x19 0x37 0xdd649 0x8b80 T1C-19.png
0x1a 0x37 0xdd7bc 0x9400 T1C-1a.png
0x1b 0x37 0xdda48 0x8e00 T1C-1b.png
0x1d 0x4d 0x1365c9 0x9000 T1C-1d.png
0x1e 0x4d 0x13622e 0x9000 T1C-1e.png
0x1f 0x4d 0x13648d 0x9400 T1C-1f.png
0x20 0x59 0x164000 0x9000 T1C-20.png
0x21 0x59 0x164606 0x9000 T1C-21.png
0x22 0x59 0x164b7c 0x9000 T1C-22.png
0x23 0x59 0x165180 0x9000 T1C-23.png
0x24 0x59 0x1655ce 0x9000 T1C-24.png
0x25 0x59 0x165b16 0x9000 T1C-25.png
0x26 0x59 0x166144 0x9000 T1C-26.png
0x27 0x59 0x166807 0x9000 T1C-27.png
0x28 0x59 0x166e50 0x9000 T1C-28.png
0x29 0x59 0x16741b 0x9000 T1C-29.png
0x2a 0x59 0x16784a 0x9000 T1C-2a.png
0x2b 0x29 0xa6d29 0x9000 T1C-2b.png
0x2c 0x29 0xa719a 0x9000 T1C-2c.png
0x30 0x39 0xe4000 0x9000 T1C-30.png
0x31 0x39 0xe45ad 0x8800 T1C-31.png
0x32 0x39 0xe4600 0x9000 T1C-32.png
0x33 0x39 0xe4c16 0x9000 T1C-33.png
0x34 0x39 0xe5229 0x9000 T1C-34.png
0x35 0x39 0xe5901 0x8800 T1C-35.png
0x36 0x39 0xe5a04 0x9000 T1C-36.png
0x37 0x39 0xe5fb6 0x8800 T1C-37.png
0x38 0x39 0xe65b6 0x9000 T1C-38.png
0x39 0x39 0xe6b78 0x8800 T1C-39.png
0x3a 0x3a 0xe8000 0x8000 T1C-3a.png
0x3b 0x3a 0xe8309 0x8000 T1C-3b.png
0x3c 0x3a 0xe84ce 0x8000 T1C-3c.png
0x3d 0x3a 0xe855c 0x8000 T1C-3d.png
0x3e 0x3a 0xe87cb 0x8000 T1C-3e.png
0x3f 0x3a 0xe8887 0x8000 This is an unused sprite, according to T1C-3f.png
0x40 0x3a 0xe8a01 0x9000 Multiplayer (link-cable) menu graphics. T1C-40.png
0x41 0x3a 0xe8e17 0x8800 T1C-41.png
0x42 0x3a 0xe8fbd 0x9000 GAME OVER

Looks like you lost all of your Denjuu numbers!

0x43 0x3a 0xe9460 0x8800 T1C-43.png
0x48 0x37 0xddce2 0x8f00 T1C-48.png
0x50 0x39 0xe6c7f 0x9000 T1C-50.png
0x51 0x39 0xe736f 0x9000 T1C-51.png
0x52 0x39 0xe7928 0x9000 T1C-52.png
0x54 0x35 0xd439d 0x9400 Copies of the menu text tiles with a lighter palette. These were likely last-minute additions for DMG compatibility. T1C-54.png
0x55 0x35 0xd4629 0x8e00 T1C-55.png
0x56 0x35 0xd4753 0x8e00 T1C-56.png
0x57 0x35 0xd488f 0x8f00 T1C-57.png
0x58 0x35 0xd48e8 0x8e00 T1C-58.png
0x59 0x35 0xd4267 0x9400 T1C-59.png
0x5a 0x35 0xd4000 0x9400 T1C-5a.png
0x5b 0x35 0xd4996 0x8f00 T1C-5b.png