Nebularia (Basic)

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T2-181-S.gif T2-182-S.gif T2-183-S.gif T2-184-S.gif T2-185-S.gif
Telefang 2 icon.gif Denjuu
T2-183-I.gif Nebularia
ネブラリア / Neburaria
No. 183
Stage Basic
Type Grassland.gif Grassland
Version Power icon.gif Speed icon.gif

Nebularia is a Grassland.gif Grassland-type Denjuu.

Name etymology[edit]

From Tringa nebularia, the common greenshank.


Power/Speed ちっちゃなからだを おおきく ふくらませて ボディアタック!
English Translation It's small, but can swell up to perform a body blow!

Telefang 2 sprites[edit]

Front Idle Front Active Back Idle Back Active
T2-183-F.gif T2-183-FA.gif T2-183-B.gif T2-183-BA.gif


This Denjuu is obtained from the secret phone number 0*5-7#24-3#772, and therefore cannot be nicknamed. It is always obtained at level 5, with a Stubborn personality, and Suguri as its friend. Nebularia's home area is Kiwatora Field.

The phone number was originally revealed in the July 2002 issue of Comic Bom Bom, and can now be found on the official Telefang website.


Moves of Nebularia (Basic)
From start Tackle
From start Mini Fire Blaze (L12)
Lv. 10 Dig
Lv. 16 Mini Flame