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Welcome! This page follows the updates on the Network Adventure Bugsite Translation Patch (currently in-active on Tulunk Village). Progress on this patch is ongoing; new patches release every other month. Translation assistance and editing support is currently needed.

The game itself can be best described as a combination of Pokemon and Megaman Battle Network (aka Rockman.EXE). The capturable mons are called "Bugs", and can be battled over the in-game Internet. It is the last of the Game Boy Color Smilesoft games, produced in association with contract developer KaZE.

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Scripting VM documentation
Thread on Tulunk Village

Latest version

The patch currently works with both the Alpha and Beta versions of the game.

The latest version is v28, rolled by kmeisthax.

For full patch notes, please consult the forums.

Alpha IPS: Beta IPS:





Version 23[edit]

By Sanky

  • Naming screens now allow you to use upper/lower case Latin characters instead of kana.
  • Title screen text fixes
  • Added an extra line of bug description text


Version 24[edit]

By Sanky

  • Better translations
  • Alpha-exclusive bugs now translated

Version 26[edit]

By Sanky and Kimbles

  • Move translations.
  • Other stuff?

Version 27[edit]

Rolled by kmeisthax with contributions from Kimbles and DaVince

Alpha IPS: Beta IPS:

  • We now have a proper automatic formatter integrated into bvmasm. This autoformatter recognizes lines of text in dialogue and rewrites the instruction stream to support a longer or shorter message. It's even smart enough to recognize if a line of text has a character portrait or not. It cannot, however, autoformat system strings at all.
  • Story text up to the end of the Prologue is now translated to draft quality. This has been primarily done by myself, with support from the actual translation staff, so there are still a few lines here and there I need to rephrase better. This does not include NPC text, I've mainly just been translating from the top to the bottom of the text dump.
  • Existing attempts at translating story text have been adjusted to remove code changes. This does not visibly affect the actual game itself.
  • Some system strings have been adjusted; mostly around naming screens.

Version 28[edit]

Rolled by kmeisthax

Alpha IPS: Beta IPS:

  • Added lowercase j and k to the tile font. These replace an unused dash character and the ASCII | character.
  • Added utilities necessary for making code patches into the incredibly packed HOME bank of the ROM image.
  • Added an opt-in VWF tile renderer, including BugVM opcodes to control it. Both fonts (main and battle) can be VWF'd now. Each individual screen that wants to make use of VWF must configure how it wants it's screen memory to be used. The default configuration is a ring buffer occupying all of the kana half of the character set, which is useful for dialogue screens.
  • Added a new VWF font, "Debugged Sans", to replace the existing normal FWF font. It's vaguely based on the existing FWF one. It significantly improves the readability of Bugsite's text, especially with regards to width limitations.
  • Updated the BVM assembler to automatically format text taking the VWF into account. This does not impact system text yet.
  • Modified the event-loader script to enable VWF for dialogue boxes.
  • Modified the title screen script to enable VWF for the intro scene, because that's a separate process for some reason.
  • Modified the naming screens to use VWF on the "Please enter a name" and "Press SEL" text only. Other parts of the screen still use FWF.
  • Added a few more translations and adjusted some existing ones.

Known bugs:

  • Menus in dialogue boxes don't work. They show up as blank options.
  • The Mobile screen (press START) will show parts of previously-read dialogue where kana should be. English language text is not overwritten.
  • The dialogue formatter's analysis used to determine if a portrait is active sometimes fails to recognize the correct window width and formats certain lines shorter than what would actually fit.