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This is a list of known bugs (no not those ones) in the Bugsite translation patch. This only includes bugs that the original Japanese game does not have, so any bugs that originated in the Japanese version will most likely not be fixed unless they are severe.

Current bugs[edit]

High priority[edit]

  • Password entry screen is unusable due to VWF being enabled in this screen. Adjustments made to the name input screen must also be applied here.
  • FWF fonts need to be updated to match appearance and encoding of VWF fonts.
  • Yes/No options render as spaces
  • Access Point menu needs to reload the FWF font.
  • The following screens make use of FWF text exclusively and should be updated to support VWF text.
    • Mobile screen
    • Personal Zukan overview screen
    • Browser Zukan overview screen - is actually broken with long bug names
    • Party Bug screen
    • Bug Collection screen
    • Vaccine/Chip/Password Item screens
    • Party Org screen
    • Options screen
    • Access Point screen
    • Save screen
    • Trash Bug screen
    • Salvage Bug screen
    • Bug Server screen
    • Deposit Bug screen
    • Withdraw Bug screen
    • Browser Zukan detail screens - especially untranslated pages
  • Entire battle system needs a text overhaul too

Low priority[edit]