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A T-Fanger (Japanese: Tファンガー, T fangaa; Bootleg: Mildew T / Milde T / T Mildew) is a human who befriends Denjuu and competes in Telefang battles with them. T-Fangers generally have one partner Denjuu, who follows them everywhere, and any number of other Denjuu that they can call on for help.

Notable T-Fangers[edit]

Telefang 1[edit]

The protagonist of Telefang 1. A 10-year old boy, his arrival in the Denjuu World was unintentional but he becomes determined to make as many friends there as possible. Depending on version, his partner is either Crypto (Power) or Fungus (Speed).
Shigeki's friend who traveled with him to the Denjuu World. His partner in the Telefang 1 manga is a Waratah.
Another friend and classmate of Shigeki's, her partner is a Suguri.
A mysterious boy whose goal seems to be destroying all of the Antenna Trees. Depending on version, his partner is either Angios (Power) or Gymnos (Speed).
A businessman and the leader of Sanaeba Pharmaceutical Company, who were the first to discover the Denjuu World. He battles with powerful Denjuu allies.
Kakuza Party
A strange political party consisting of people dressed in teddy-like mascot suits, led by Nerikara and Tabasco. While Nerikara himself doesn't use a D-Shot, most members of the party are T-Fangers who battle with various Denjuu.

Telefang 2[edit]

The protagonist of Telefang 2. A 10-year old boy, he searches the Denjuu World for his and Midori's missing fathers. His partner is Rex.
A friend of Kyou's, who travels the Denjuu World with him. Her partner is Chakor.
A friend/rival of Kyou's, who only appears in Power version. He has a crush on Midori, and is dismissive of Kyou. He travels to the Denjuu World with the two of them, in an attempt to find Midori's father for her. His partner is Doon.
A friend/rival of Kyou's, who only appears in Speed version. She is a haughty, accomplished young T-Fanger who was asked by Matsukiyo to find Kyou and Midori's fathers. Her partner is Gyuun.
Kyou's father
Travelled the Denjuu World for a long time to find its hidden treasure, he then went missing.
Midori's father
Travelled with Kyou's father, he has also gone missing.
Ellis, Vulcan, and Rumba
Three thieves who steal a D-Shot from Matsukiyo's lab.

Smile Sisters[edit]

The Smile Sisters are powerful T-Fangers who appear in the postgame of both Telefang 1 and 2.

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