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T1-096-I.gif T1-097-I.gif T1-098-I.gif T1-099-I.gif T1-100-I.gif
Telefang 1 icon.gif Denjuu
T1-098-IS.gif Lampgera
ランプゲラ / Ranpugera
No. 098 Bootleg: Ranbrage
Stage Explosion Denjuu
Type Aquatic.gif Aquatic
Exp. Item T1-I-15-I.gif Microwave
Version Power icon.gif Speed icon.gif

Lampgera is an Aquatic.gif Aquatic-type Denjuu. The player enlists a Lampgera, nicknamed "Noisy", to correct the telephone signal in Ion Island.

Name etymology[edit]

A combination of lamp and Cliogera.


Denjuu Book Description
Telefang 1 たいないに ためた デンキを ビームに ヘんかんする
Diamond/Jade Change e-power into light.
English Translation It can convert its inner electricity into a beam.
Arrived Phrase
Power/Speed きたもんネ
Diamond/Jade Hi!
English Translation I'm here, huh!
Attack Phrase
Power/Speed ピカるもんネ
Diamond/Jade Killed!
English Translation Gonna shine, huh!
Favored Item Call
Power/Speed ランプゲラって『レンジ』が パワーアップのアイテム なんだってー なんか...ヤバめのかおリが するよねー
Diamond/Jade 『Range』 is the secret for increasing the power of RANBRAGE. What? with the scent from wild flowers.
English Translation


A special Lampgera named "Noisy" (ノイジー) lives in Iris, and is notable in that he is the only Denjuu in the game who already has a nickname when you meet him. Noisy must be fought and recruited in order to proceed with events in Ion Island. His nickname cannot be changed unless traded, and he is always obtained at level 34, with a Carefree personality.

Besides Noisy, Lampgera can normally only be obtained by evolving Cliogera.


Moves of Lampgera
From start Numbing Sting
From start Charge Up
From start Recover
Lv. 30 Pulse Beam

Base Stats[edit]

Stat Base Stats Growth per 2 levels Max
Denjuu Most Denjuu Most Denjuu Most
Hit Points 30
46 2
4 128
Speed 16
20 1
2 65
Attack 12
22 2
3 110
Defense 10
20 2
3 108
Denma Attack 14
22 2
3 112
Denma Defense 8
20 2
3 106
Total 90
137 11
16 629
See Telefang 1 Denjuu by: base stats | stat growth | max stats

Exp. Items[edit]

T1-I-18-I.gif Phone, T1-I-29-I.gif Phone Card, T1-I-15-I.gif Microwave, T1-I-49-I.gif Game Machine, T1-I-12-I.gif Shuriken, T1-I-50-I.gif Plush Toy, T1-I-51-I.gif BomBom



  • In Pokémon Diamond and Jade, there is a glitch in which the story event Lampgera that the player recruits is nicknamed "o" automatically, even though Denjuu cannot be nicknamed in the bootleg. Prior to obtaining his phone number, he is referred to as "Xinxi", "Jinxi", or "Noise" in dialogue.